no dig and slugs

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no dig and slugs
« on: November 08, 2019, 19:40 »
I must admit I haven't got round to the idea of no dig mind you the way things are going with all this rain we could end up with a no dig situation

anyway my question if you support the no dig way how do you cope with  slugs does the no dig mean there are less slugs than the conventional way of gardening do you use organic slug control or any other method with no dig way

because we seem to have a real slug problem gardening  the conventional way don't know if its a bad year for slugs or something that we are doing is  breeding  the little b-----------s but its something I need to get my head round for next season all be it loads of slug pellets or nemaslug just getting fed up with feeding slugs  :mad:



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Re: no dig and slugs
« Reply #1 on: November 08, 2019, 22:02 »
The idea with no dig is you reduce the habitat for slugs by using composted mulches which also means that as the mulch is computed theres less for them to eat. This is also why wooden sides to beds are not recommended as the slugs hide down the sides during the day & come out at night to feast on your seedlings & newly planted plants. Hi
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Re: no dig and slugs
« Reply #2 on: November 09, 2019, 11:52 »
I've used a combination of digging and no-dig for years and I don't notice much difference in the population of slugs and snails either way.   Different slugs eat different things and you'll find them in soil attacking tubers and stuff underground, compost heaps munching fresh waste, in composted wastes and almost everything else you can think of.  They will travel to get what they want in any case, so whether they have to slide over bare soil or mulch makes no odds  ::) 

Hiding places to spend the day may well play a part.  I don't have raised beds, but I have noticed using cardboard or any kind of weed membrane does seem to make them congregate under it.  You could use this to your advantage and target your slug control on areas where you use either.  Keeping grass edges cut helps I find, as does keeping weeds under control, not planting too densely and keeping storage areas for things like planks, pots, bricks and the like well patrolled and/or dosed with slug control. 

what do your slugs eat?

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