any tips on maximising efficiency of walk in plastic greenhouses

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I've just got myself a 6 x 4 foot plastic walk in greenhouse for the new house and frantically playing catch up after losing most of my seedlings during the move.
Does anyone have any tips on how to maximise the efficiency of said greenhouse? I'm aiming to get my chillies, peppers, cues and toms going quickly for a chance of some results this year,  any ideas or hints would be greatly appreciated.



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I put my canes in first with cucs at back with toms in front (excess can be planted outdoors) and peppers in front again. Room to navigate as well. I use a holed hosepipe with stopper threaded around for watering from water butts.



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I had most of one of those given.. I say most because it was just a replacement cover, which in the end was better than one with a frame because I had to build a frame myself.
I used roofing batten which is like a slim 2x1 thats treated and very cheap. I pay about 16 quid for 10x 4.5mtrs lengths.
Because it was a wooden frame it was easy to build in shelving/ staging wherever needed,
That was in 2008. Its still standing although the cover is starting to get worse for wear, and the zipper door went years ago! Great as a big cold frame though!
use it mainly for storage now, built a proper timber greenhouse a year or two after.



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I have one of those and Im not sure there is much of a way to increase the efficiency TBH. Surely its more about getting the right conditions for growth?, so make sure your greenhouse gets plenty of sun, then keep everything fed and watered...
I dont think you will be far behind anyways, everything in my greenhouse stalled due to the cold, cloudy weather and hasnt really started growing again!Only thing that seems really happy is the gardeners delight toms, probably coz they are in the warm and not in the garden!

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