Cheap cider from carton apple juice

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Cheap cider from carton apple juice
« on: December 31, 2007, 16:26 »
Quote from: "chrissie B"
does anyone know how to make cider from supermarket apple juice :?:  :?:  :?:  and which kind of apple juice is used .
chrissie b

If you want to make "proper" cider go to:

For the cheap stuff:

Sterilise your demijohns, bungs, airlocks, funnel and plastic spoon. Baby sterilising tablets (56 for 76pence at Tesco) used at the rate of 2/gall are a simple method, and pour fluid from one container to another to avoid wastage.

Pour 2 litres of carton apple juice (pasteurised so no preservatives) into demijohn (obtained for nothing from freecycle, but you may have to buy some bleach to clean it up). Or use a PET ex-mineral water bottle of 4+ litres capacity, as you can pick these up really cheap when BOGOF (30- 40p and that includes the water!). Buy the carton juice when on ‘special’ or BOGOF for approx 50p/litre – Princes apple juice (normally 95p/litre) is on BOGOF at the moment at Morrisons.

Pour boiling water over/into a stainless steel/non-stick saucepan. Then pour a 1 litre carton of juice into the saucepan, warm, stir sugar in (half a pound will give you approx 7.5% ABV, no sugar about 5% (just from the sugar in the juice) until dissolved, pour into DJ using funnel and swirl around to avoid sugar syrup settling at the bottom. Top of with more juice to shoulder of demijohn.

When lukewarm, add pectalase (pectin destroying enzyme which assists in clearing) and yeast (1 teaspoon of each), swirl around and fit airlocks. You can save on yeast (approx 12p/gall) by making larger batches and getting it going in a small bottle of juice beforehand). If you are using a PET water bottle you can drill a hole in the cap and seal the airlock with blu-tack(blu-tack BOGOF at Wilkos at the moment and also saves 20p for the bung).

The whole process should take no more than 30 mins. Keep some juice (in fridge after opening) for topping up after a few days, after any initial vigorous fermentation dies down, possibly in 2 stages so you can top up right into the neck of the demijohn. To calculate how much you will need, two pounds of sugar will increase volume of the juice by 1 pint. Any surplus juice can be frozen for the next batch (or top up an earlier batch).

It should ferment out in 4-6 weeks, then siphon off sediment and drink as still cider, or prime with sugar in ex-pop bottles and have as fizzy cider in a few more weeks. Should work out at approx. 30p/pint (approx £1.50/pint in supermarkets?).

P.S. If you add 1.5, in lieu 0.5lbs of sugar, you will get it to apple wine strength for another 30p/gall (45p/0.75L wine bottle).



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Re: Cheap cider from carton apple juice
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I think JayJay18 is some sort of robot!

ooh the post I was referring to has disappeared, now i look daft  :blink:
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Re: Cheap cider from carton apple juice
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I disappeared it, sorry.  I hate spammers. ::)
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Re: Cheap cider from carton apple juice
« Reply #3 on: May 21, 2009, 19:45 »
Hi, i'm slightly confused, how many litres of juice per gallon only i'm thinking of giving this a go.

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