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As most of you on here seem to frequent the chickenny pages only have you thought that you could join in the growing sections by growing some treats just for your girls. Especially as Defra says it is illegal to feed your birds on food that has come from your kitchen.
If you are short of space why not grow tomatoes and strawberries in hanging baskets? Last year mine loved eating the hundreds and thousands tomatoes I grew for them.
They love freshly grown raspberries (but fence them off otherwise they will help themselves to all your fruit), ripe fallen plums are another treat.
Sunflowers also provide great treats and every year there is a sunflower growing competition.
Growing details can be found here:-


And don't forget our competition section - most of you own cameras so stand a good a chance as anybody at winning some of the great prizes
Check it out here:-


There is also a great chatting section where jokes, general chitchat and even frugal ideas can be found along with a general swap shop.
Don't be shy - take a look and join in  :D


Go on! We're a friendly lot really! ;) :D

I gave my hens the stalks and leaves from the purple brussels sprouts (not that there were many!) and guess what colour the poop was!!! :tongue2: :tongue2: :tongue2:
Still, they loved it all.  At least the eggs weren't purple or green, too. :blink:

Caught my husband about to throw my not very successful brassicas out, until I explained they were for the chickens and only to be pulled when they needed a fresh one hanging in there run :)

He thinks them rather spoilt.

"Defra says it is illegal to feed your birds on food that has come from your kitchen.

erm really?


nee nar nee nar her come the police for me, I like throwing left over food to the chickens - why send it to landfill when they can eat it!


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