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It's International Cat Day Today



Mine is sulking today, because it is raining. The fussy madam wants the door open but doesn't actually want to go outside, just sit and look out  ::)

She's one of these, a dilute tortoiseshell. That means she is grey with a bad set of highlights and lowlights. (I'd avoid that hairdresser in future tbh  :lol:)  Don't know what that says about me.

Hmm, I'm a reluctant cat servant, ones a ginger & ones a tortoiseshell. The tortoiseshell is autistic & is frightened of her own shadow most days, the ginger one likes to eat little & often, they've had lots to contend with since they came to live with me after my mum died

I've just joined this forum but happy to see there is a bit of a pet section as well.  I'm slave to 6 cats; 3 mogs, 2 NFC's and 1 Persian Cross.  Love them all and have my happiest hours pootling in the garden, glass of wine in hand  and being kept company by the cats.

mumofstig - your girl is gorgeous


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