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Author Topic: Baby chick back from being dead  (Read 253 times)

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Mrs. Mills

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Baby chick back from being dead
« on: May 07, 2017, 02:25 »
So we have been raising chickens & ducks for a few years now, thought we had seen it all. Nope. We have many chickens sitting on eggs with one batch hatched 10 days ago. Three days ago we found a chick all by itself trotting around & chirping, no others hatched, no mum rounding it up. We brought it inside provided food, water & warmth. It was fine. The next day I found it stiff, cold with eyes open. I left it there for several hours so my husband could see it. I had checked it again twice, still looking dead. No movement, no change. So I thought well I had better get her out of there & clean everything up. When I went to get her I heard peeping, her legs & body were no longer stiff. I wrapped her up & dipped her beak in water several times, she perked right up, started eating & drinking! We were stunned. Has anyone ever had this happen? If so please let us know. Thanks.

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