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Grow Your Own / Re: Red cabbage advice
« Last post by DD. on Today at 11:31 »
Arrrggghhhh. I've told you wrong. Should never do anything from memory.

I''ve been sorting out my tin and the variety is in fact "Lodero".  I've cut another this morning for pickling which is still in good condition.

<<I wonder what I'll get if I sow all the detritus from the bottom of the tin?>>
Chatting on the Plot / Re: Are you Crafty ??
« Last post by snowdrops on Today at 11:14 »
Theyíre lovely erikaz, such neat lettering
Chatting on the Plot / Re: What's for tea? 2018
« Last post by snowdrops on Today at 11:11 »
Beef mince & thatís as far as Iíve got, no inspiration.
Grow Your Own / Re: Blue Mould on shallot sets
« Last post by Eblana on Today at 11:10 »
Do you mind sharing the name of that supplier? Only I've had an issue with a big name supplier this Winter and a few others I've spoken to have had problems too...

It is a local Small Irish Supplier.
Grow Your Own / Re: Blue Mould on shallot sets
« Last post by sunshineband on Today at 10:55 »
Most suppliers are very keen to put things right in my experience,  given the opportunity
Grow Your Own / Re: SLUGS
« Last post by Plot 1 Problems on Today at 09:26 »
Thanks Lettice!
Chatting on the Plot / Re: What's for tea? 2018
« Last post by mumofstig on Today at 09:01 »
I'm bunged up with another cold, so last night was leftover roasties from Sunday's dinner and some coleslaw. Think I'll just bung some bacon bits, beans and veggies in the slow-cooker for tonight.... you can tell I'm enthusiastic about it can't you  ::)
Me too! Got the greenhouse but no heat for it, alas.
I think the house will be full of seed trays by mid-March  :nowink:
I've been keeping an eye on the modelling, but as the chance of the unusually cold weather is still about a week away, it's too early to know exactly where it is going to go.

That said, at the weekend, I did chop some more kindling for the stove, and fill up some coal buckets in case I need to use it   :lol:
Grow Your Own / Re: SLUGS
« Last post by lettice on Today at 08:38 »
Never heard of homemade nemtode brewing, thanks for the tip! I'm not squeamish at all, so that's definitely going to be done this year  :)

A good video I find that explains it all nicely is

I place a brick in the bottom of mine along with a few inches of water, so there is a better resting place for the slugs. Along with some brassica leaves or greenery that the slugs and snails will eat and crawl over and up the sides of the bucket.
They will eat, infect each other, die naturally and fall into the water.
I use a pair of plastic tongs to pick the slugs into a small pot and then carefully again with the tongs place them on the brick in the bucket.
You will find when you open the lid, that some are at the top of the bucket, so be careful to not let them escape. Its worth too to topup the greenery when you add new slugs or weekly depending on the activity.
I have two buckets on the go, so take a month to keep topping one up, let it go untouched for another month and its ready to use.
Its not too smelly, if you make your own comfrey or nettle compost, that will smell more.
Chatting on the Plot / Re: What's for tea? 2018
« Last post by New shoot on Today at 08:35 »
Chilli and fixings yesterday - guacamole, sour cream and hm spicy wedges.
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