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The Hen House / Poorly hen
« Last post by AnimalFriend on Yesterday at 23:25 »
Hello hen experts,
We got our ex commercial layers through BHWT in April and they’ve been a pleasure. They were free range hens, so weren’t in the state that ex-bats would’ve been in, thankfully.
One of them, Nesta, isn’t looking so good now. She keeps stopping doing what she’s doing and closing her eyes, sometimes today putting her head under her wing. She looks exhausted. I can pick her up and put her on my knee and she just sits down and closes her eyes.
I’ve never been sure if she has actually laid at all since we got her in april. We’ve only ever had 3 eggs max per day, but am not sure about exactly who lays when.
I’ve given her an Epsom salt bath today and have fed her some bees ssoaked in olive oil, which I read was good. She is eating and drinking fine, has always been - great one for her food and this doesn’t appear to have changed.
She was first to bed last night, when she is normally last one to bed. When I checked on them all later she was standing up in the coop, whereas all others were sat down.
She has always had the worst poos since we got them, often mustardy and smelly.
All have been wormed since I got them with flubenvet, plus all get Vermx once a month. All fed on free range layers pellets. I did worm count a couple of weeks ago which came back clear - reason for doing it was worms in one of the hen’s poos (not Nesta’s) - we figured it was probably tapeworm, but read that if hens seemed fine, given it was very difficult to treat, to pretty much leave it.
I clean them every week, disinfect coop, fresh pine scented bedding, then sprinkle DE throughout. Have also been spraying house with red mite spray too just as precautionary measure these last three times.
I have seen a louse on one of them a few wks ago and hey weee all dusted with DE. I dusted Nesta again today after her bath. Couldn’t see any signs of lice. I did see on one patch a small of skin near vent, a cluster of tiny orange (I mean orange, like when you see rust on a plant) specs, there were two small dots of these clusters. Unfortunately as I am inexperienced and my assistant is 5 years old I wasn’t able to remove these to identify what they were. I amhavent been able to find any reference on internet.
Thanks for reading this far! Just wanted to give most info up front to see what you make of it. I am eagerly awaiting any advice at all!many thanks, Charlotte
Chatting on the Plot / Re: "Children's favourites"...
« Last post by Val H on Yesterday at 23:11 »
And must not forget "A Windmill in Old Amsterdam" by Ronnie Hilton. Now that lot should get a few earworms going!
Grow Your Own / Re: What can be sowed now, or in the coming months?
« Last post by saul on Yesterday at 22:49 »
I don't tend to follow what the books or websites say i class them more as a guide line.
its worked for me over the last 40 years and my father before me if you have space i would plant beetroot turnip sweede lettuce will keep going they prefer the cold to the heat and are surprisingly hardy, carrots are good and may not get huge but will stay in the ground until you need them kol rabi and cabbage to grow slowly ready for spring. also check you soil its getting near a good time for some green fertalizer.
enjoy whatever you try and remember if the packet says sow in august it dosn't mean you cant sow on the 1st of september.
Grow Your Own / Re: Onions from seed - 2018
« Last post by mjg000 on Yesterday at 22:07 »
Thank you sunny!
Chatting on the Plot / Re: 70 page booklet binder.
« Last post by grinling on Yesterday at 22:00 »
Viking does a binder for £29.
Have you looked at Pin interest for different binding methods?
Chatting on the Plot / Re: The Ploughman's lunch...
« Last post by snowdrops on Yesterday at 21:08 »
Well Snowdrops.   I am sure that the ladies in the teashop will be successful if those 'photos are anything to go by.
The Ploughmans looked a proper one, and the afternoon tea - yum.   I guess you are not any of the ladies in the 'photo and you are behind the camera.   :lol: :lol:  Mrs Bouquet
No I’m not behind the camera! Lol

I am looking at the 'photo now, trying to decide which one is you.   Mrs B

Grow Your Own / Re: Wizard beans
« Last post by Florain on Yesterday at 21:06 »
We have grown them for some years now and really like them. We like to eat them really young and tender - think large pea size! Lovely to freeze at this size as mixed veg with young carrots, peas and french beans. I just chop/pod and vacuum pack in portions.
General Gardening / Re: Achillea
« Last post by Beloved Porcupine on Yesterday at 21:03 »
Mine are growing on heavy clay and seem to do fine.  I did use a cheap grow-through support for one large plant this year (it worked a treat).  I find them pretty easy going but do dead-head them to keep them tidy / flowering.  I even grew a bunch from seed (v easy) but not all have flowered this year (may have been the weather?), so there is something to look forward to next year  :D

Good luck and have fun picking out a good 'un!
Chatting on the Plot / Re: "Children's favourites"...
« Last post by Val H on Yesterday at 20:51 »
Think this list sums it up a lot (I remember ALL of them)!
Nellie the elephant - Miller, Mandy
Runaway train - Delhart, Vernon
Middle of the house - Cogan, Alma
Grandfather's clock - Radio Revellers
Owl and the pussycat - Hayes, Elton
Puffin' Billy - Melody Light Orchestra
All things bright and beautiful - Uncle Mac
Robin Hood - James, Dick
How much is that doggie - Pinky & Perky
I've lost my mummy - Harris, Rolf
Laughing policeman - Penrose, Charles
My boomerang won't come back - Drake, Charlie
You're a pink toothbrush - Bygraves, Max
I taut I taw a puddy cat - Blanc, Mel
Teddy bear's picnic - Hall, Henry
Ballad of Davy Crockett - Ford, 'Tennessee' Ernie
Hippopotamus song - Flanders & Swann
Jake the peg - Harris, Rolf
Gilly gilly ossenfeffer katzen... - Bygraves, Max
Woody woodpecker - Blanc, Mel
Who's afraid of the big bad wolf - Pinky & Perky
Ugly duckling - Cribbins, Bernard
I know an old lady - Pertwee, Jon
Bee song - Askey, Arthur
When I see an elepahnt fly - Peterson, Clive
Chatting on the Plot / Re: song link ups
« Last post by Plot 1 Problems on Yesterday at 20:49 »
Dreadlock Holiday - 10cc
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