At last, the book and the TV series...

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At last, the book and the TV series...
« on: February 11, 2018, 09:06 »
Some time ago, I posted here about recalling a TV series from the 1980s, which was about a ex-army officer with a young son, falling on hard times, and having to work as a hospital porter.

A kind poster here remembered the programme and reminded me that it was 'Sorrell and Son', but I can't recall who it was unfortunately...

Our library had the book, even though it was written in 1925, and best of all, the whole series is available in six episodes on YouTube, so I've now read and watched the lot!

It's well worth a look, with some superb acting, great authentic scenery and covers a lot of the sort of values you just don't see today!

So thank you again, Mrs/Ms/Mr TV sleuth!

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