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The Hen House / Re: hen run advice
« Last post by Sassy on Today at 15:05 »
Only a small amount of lettuce is suitable for feeding to chooks otherwise they will get the runs! Hanging a cabbage would be better  :)
Welcome to the Forums / MOVED: Batmix
« Last post by mumofstig on Today at 13:53 »
Grow Your Own / The Seedy Pass the Parcel....
« Last post by mumofstig on Today at 13:51 »
Is already doing the rounds - so put your name down sharpish if you want to join in!

It's zipping along fairly quickly, and once it has reached the end of the list you will be too late for this year.
Grow Your Own / Re: Red cabbage advice
« Last post by mumofstig on Today at 13:41 »
Thanks everyone - seeds bought now  :)
Grow Your Own / Re: Red cabbage advice
« Last post by DD. on Today at 13:21 »
Here's said article. Just shy of 2.5 kilo when trimmed.
Grow Your Own / Batmix
« Last post by TEYman on Today at 12:52 »
Good afternoon fellow allotmenteers. I've acquired 4 x 50L bags of Plagron's Batmix soil, will this be suitable for digging in to the plot?

Grow Your Own / Re: SLUGS
« Last post by Alifink on Today at 12:46 »
One small point if using beer traps. A small stick in the beer allows ground beetles to get out of the beer.

Location: Plymouth, Devon

I have recently moved into a new house and keen to get the garden sorted for my veg growing.

Firstly, I have ivy (I think) at the end of my lawn (which I like) as it provides some coverage from the street and it grows up the structure that is there.  I will look to include another plant, ivy or not, to fill in the gaps and spaces that are there.  (pictures attached)

The ivy seems to be taking over the raised beds and I'm keen to remove it and stop prep my beds for veg planting in the summer - I have my own compost etc.  It is growing and very strong to remove from the soil.

Does anyone have any tips for removing it?  Is it a case of just ripping it out or should a weedkiller be used at all to help this process?  I don't want it to grow there again as my edible veg will be planted there.  Please see images attached.

Also, there is a witeria (I think) growing from the ground near my front stairs to my house.  It looks quite tired and I'm not sure if I should prune it or leave it until the right time?
Again images attached and any advice welcome!

If I have to remove all the ivy bushes at the end of the garden I will - if it isn't possible to stop it spreading....?  If so any suggestions on what to plant there that will give coverage but now spread like the ivy?

Thanks for any help!
The Hen House / Re: Dirty Bum
« Last post by Toosje on Today at 11:29 »
Yes that is off course an option: they are not so very young anymore. At this moment she is the only one laying: one to two eggs a week. She has been broody about every six weeks her whole 'fertile' life so she had a lot of breaks in laying. They are getting a little softer lately, so I ordered special calcium beside the broken sea shells: they have never been keen on that.

The reason I discussed worming with my vet is that here, when I started with chickens, I kept reading about worming and how one should regularly worm :)
I need to go to the pet shop this afternoon for my cat and will bring something suitable or otherwise order it through the internet. The whole bunch will be wormed :)

Thank you for thinking with me.
The Hen House / Re: Dirty Bum
« Last post by New shoot on Today at 11:10 »
It could be she is coming to the end of her laying life and is laying the odd soft shell egg.  These can burst easily and make a mess.  Or it could she has found something to eat that is making her produce very wet poo.

Sorry to disagree with your vet, but if you have not wormed for all 4 years of her life and she free-ranges, she almost certainly has worms.  If it was me, I would treat the whole flock and see if that improves things for her (no point treating just her as she will be reinfected by the rest).  Here in the UK a lot of us use a product called Flubenvet.  I buy mine mail order. 
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