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Chatting on the Plot / Re: On giving up 'The Patch'...
« Last post by sunshineband on Yesterday at 23:08 »
"due to having too much stuff in too small a place it's more like catheterisation!  :lol:"

I have never thought of the job as keyhole surgery, Goosey, but now you come to mention it...

Funnily enough, I was considering looking at previous posts for square foot gardening, so great minds an' that!

 :lol: :lol:
Cooking, Storing and Preserving / Re: Unripe figs
« Last post by sunshineband on Yesterday at 23:06 »
Perhaps they will be richer in flavour for keeping a while?
Chatting on the Plot / Re: Enjoying autumn sunshine
« Last post by sunshineband on Yesterday at 23:05 »
Lovely afternoon here too, sitting in our daughter's garden contemplating the new house for the chooks. Making the most of it  :D :D
Chatting on the Plot / Re: Did It - Bay of Biscay
« Last post by Fairy Plotmother on Yesterday at 22:00 »
What an adventure Mrs B.
Chatting on the Plot / Re: Enjoying autumn sunshine
« Last post by snowdrops on Yesterday at 21:47 »
Itís like magic isnít it how those hours outside recharge not just your batteries but your soul as well. I feel sorry for the people who just see it as hard work & would rather doss around playing computer games or whatever. Funny how you end up more energised by expand8ng lots of energy.
Chatting on the Plot / Re: Did It - Bay of Biscay
« Last post by snowdrops on Yesterday at 21:44 »
Great that your back home safe & sound & with lovely memories & stories to tell😊
Chatting on the Plot / Re: How to get rid of the smell
« Last post by mrs bouquet on Yesterday at 21:33 »
My Husband bought some shoes on-line that  were like that,  You cannot get rid of that smell - send them  straight back.   Sometimes handbags can be the same.  Again, I returned it.   Apparently it is because of three possible things,  The leather is not cured properly, often fish glue is used, and yes, smoke -  horrid, send them back.   Sorry,   >: :mad:   Mrs Bouquet
Chatting on the Plot / Did It - Bay of Biscay
« Last post by mrs bouquet on Yesterday at 21:27 »

One point under FORCE 10 (Storm)  Wind speed, 47 to 48 knots.

Over 1500 passengers were sea sick, fell over and broke bones, or had stitches in their wounds.

We missed our first port to visit, because we had crossed so slowly, across the English Channel and the Bay, we were too late to call in there.    To put it in perspective,  the Pools were all drained, coat hangers and clothes had to be lain down,  the window blinds hanging across the cabins, water sloshing out of the loo.

All doors to the exterior were shut down, many areas out of bounds, and the waves were breaking over floors 15 up. !!

Me, I took all the medication as and when the Consultant told me, and I was well, and thought it one of the most exciting things I have ever done, but I did feel sorry for those poorly folk.  It was totally awesome,  It is hard to realise the strength of the Oceans, until you have been there.      The lowest Force was 5, which is 17-21 Wind speed knots.   I have still got my sealegs on, and keep lurching around, but I do that alot anyway.  The kitchen (where I am now sitting, is swaying very nicely  :D)

My worst experience (which again is fairly normal) was not being able to hear anybody, and the noise in the Gales was horrendous, but so was the continual music everywhere.

The trips we did manage were great, although it was grey and drizzly, but warm.  Did a 3 hour tuk-tuk ride and another 3.5 hours walking trip, and a sedate horse and carriage ride, followed by another walk.
I went to alot of the entertainment, some good, some not.  Saunered, steamed, jacuzzied, etc etc,  and ate enough food to feed a starving nation.   Weight gain, three quarters of a pound !!!!

Nice to be home though, and chatter to you all, and tell you my adventure.  I must admit I do feel proud of myself.

Two things that really made me laugh,  Me in Lift, A daddy gets in with kid pickng nose, oi, says Dad, Stop that and press the lift button  (thats why I never press ANY buttons when I am out.)    Second one, French people gathering for a march, with banners etc,  I looked across and gave them thumbs-up,  they all did the same, and gave me big cheers.  The man sitting opposite, in the carriage, said, Oh, what are they going to march about.   I replied, I haven't got a clue  :lol:
Thanks if you have taken time to read this.   Regards, Mrs Bouquet

Chatting on the Plot / Re: Enjoying autumn sunshine
« Last post by Plot 1 Problems on Yesterday at 21:16 »
Another in agreement, there's nothing like a dry Autumn day. The gentle warmth, the colours and the return of warm drinks for comfort :)
General Gardening / Re: Wild flower lawn.
« Last post by Rocinante on Yesterday at 21:15 »
Thanks, that sounds the way to go.
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