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Grow Your Own / Re: Plant labels
« Last post by Growster... on Today at 07:15 » going to find some slim 12" laths or similar, write on them and bang them in place.

Be ye very careful, Goosy, you'll get the law after you..;0)
Chatting on the Plot / Re: mobile phone coverage
« Last post by LILLILEAF on Today at 05:39 »
We have the anglesey race track just under a mile away,they get very fast internet,yet still some networks do not work there,i know alot of networks piggy back off others,Anglesey is very patchy,some area's its EE some others its o2,and so on,The island is just very very patchy.
For me most of the time i have to go outside and up the drive to make a call  :(.
Grow Your Own / Re: Red onions
« Last post by shedmeister on Today at 00:35 »
I grow Red Baron every year. Enough on each onion for a family of five to have a large portion of fried in their burgers come barbie time
I have a water butt raised up on wooden blocks about 18ins off the floor.
Growing in Greenhouses & Polytunnels / seed V plugs
« Last post by rowlandwells on Yesterday at 19:55 »
with the inclement weather this year we seem to have bought more plug plants than actually raising plants from seed maybe its not been warm enough to take the chance

i draw the line at spending huge amounts of money at the garden centres but i supose if you whant an instant garden and not bothered about what you spend then the G/C are the ideal choice when i see these garden makovers people comming in with armfulls of plants in lage pots no expence spared

so whats your choice seed plugs or G/C  ready to plant pots
don't panic Mr Mannering I agree with the boys still plenty of time a little and often said the bishop to the actress

I used to get concerned about getting seed sown but thanks to the advise form our members I just take it as it comes now never had any probs with doing this
Grow Your Own / Re: Coal fire ashes
« Last post by rowlandwells on Yesterday at 19:29 »
talking about coal ash I can remember when my Dad worked on the railway  what they called a length man in those days they used to sieve coal ash that presumably came from the old steam trains they used to put it to make paths at the side of the rail track god it was a really dirty job

 I suppose it was a way of getting rid of coal ash together with making a track that in those days the railwaymen used to cycle beside the track to get to work  to a hut beside the railway long gone now I'm afraid except for the ones left on the heritage lines all these little huts had lovely old cast iron stove that burned coal  :D
My system is gravity fed, with small pipe connected to the thicker pipe with these drippers this kind of dripper at the end of the run to adjust pressure

Hi mum. What head of water do you have/need to get these to work? I'm a bit limited as to how high I can raise a (decent sized) water supply and am currently looking at options for an 'automatic' watering system including ceramic cones (I've been impressed by these with my early tomatoes) and solar powered as well as gravity systems.
Chillies and peppers aside I don't normally start sowing 'tender' stuff till around now. My tom seeds were sown about a week ago, and are nearly all up, and my squash, courgette, cucumber and corn seeds went in today.
Grow Your Own / Re: Morrissons fruit trees any good
« Last post by Mr Dog on Yesterday at 18:36 »
I bought one of their small (about 2ft high) Doyenné du Comice pear trees a few weeks ago which looks to be in good shape and has put on plenty of new growth but I guess it'll be a few years before I know how good it actually is.
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