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Grow Your Own / Re: What can be sowed now, or in the coming months?
« Last post by Goosegirl on Yesterday at 14:07 »
Spring onions, kale, then garlic and shallots later on.
Equipment Shed / Re: Water butt
« Last post by JayG on Yesterday at 14:00 »
Assuming it's made from some sort of plastic, it's quite difficult (and/or expensive) to find the right glue to apply a patch.

I managed to fix mine (at the 3rd attempt) using a miniature soldering iron to weld the split back together, using a bit of extra plastic cut from the edge of the lid to help reinforce the weld.

(If your butts are like mine and have split where the 'claws' of the stand has indented the plastic over time, now is the time to saw off the offending projections to avoid a repeat.)
Equipment Shed / Re: Water butt
« Last post by snow white on Yesterday at 13:38 »
I use a silicone sealer like the ones you use for bathrooms.  Lasts about a year when you have to reapply.
Grow Your Own / Re: What can be sowed now, or in the coming months?
« Last post by meriad on Yesterday at 13:27 »
I also think you've done really well with what you have grown...    will follow with interest as, same as you,  this is my first year with the allotment so curious to see what the replies are
Chatting on the Plot / Spectalier[sic] visitor
« Last post by Kleftiwallah on Yesterday at 13:02 »

Spectacular visitor to our garden. A big Southern Darter.

Cheers,  Tony.
Chatting on the Plot / Re: finding your past
« Last post by Aidy on Yesterday at 12:50 »
I have just had my Cuz over from Canada, its been 44 years since she was last here, we go over every few years to see them.
She wanted to pay a visit to all the old houses and then we popped to see me mam n dads grave etc, when we was there we chatted about mams parents, I knew where they were buried but not where in the cemetry, it has turned into a bit of a trek, grand ma died age 46 in 1957 followng illness and was buried with her parents but the stone was not updated, there was some family friction as I found out grandpa was seeing aother woman just before she died, me mam never spoke about it and it has been a bit hush hush for a while, when grand pa died he was placed in the same grave but again no new headstone, it appears me mam and two brothers wanted to update but her other brother in canada refused, this bugged me cuz somewhat and she expalined all.
In trying to find out the name of the headstone they were buried we have found out a few other things we knew nothing about, me mam had two sisters that were still born and buried in a mass grave at the same place  :ohmy: this again was never mentioned.
I am now waiting on the priest to return of his holidays to hopefully find out where they were buried, my cuz has said she would be happy to contribute in getting the headstone done with all there names on, so this is now my new mission.
Grow Your Own / Re: What can be sowed now, or in the coming months?
« Last post by heygrow on Yesterday at 12:15 »
Well you managed quite a lot really!
Have you harvested onions and garlic? They both can be planted in late autumn for over wintering (although never really had good success with the over wintering onions- need a certain variety). I'm putting some Pak Choi, Rocket and late season salad leaves, which hopefully I can harvest before winter weather hits.
Grow Your Own / Re: Bud grafting onto mature trees
« Last post by Kleftiwallah on Yesterday at 11:57 »

Many thanks for that advice lardman.  There is an apple tree in the park which has pink to red flesh, also one down the canal that is very prolific with green apples.  I'll give all three a try. 

Fingers crossed no matter 'fat'.  I've heard described as "Pig's t*ts!

Cheers and thanks once again.  Tony.
Grow Your Own / Our first Accord spud
« Last post by Kleftiwallah on Yesterday at 11:53 »
Just dug up our first Accord spud (1st early) and got 5 lbs from it!  Only one small splitter, but very happy.

Cheers,  Tony. :D
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