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Grow Your Own / Re: What can be sowed now, or in the coming months?
« Last post by Christine on Yesterday at 17:03 »
There are late lettuces if you are quick and the weather is kind. Oh and radish possibly.
Chatting on the Plot / Re: 70 page booklet binder.
« Last post by mrs bouquet on Yesterday at 17:02 »
Been looking for one myself.  Let me know if you find one please.  Mrs Bouquet
Chatting on the Plot / Re: The Ploughman's lunch...
« Last post by mrs bouquet on Yesterday at 17:00 »
Hi Growster.   You're right, they fiddle and faff around with lifetime favourites.  I don't need a flag to tell me what I have ordered  (although I suppose it may come to that one day!)  I guess it just their way of pushing the price up so much  :ohmy:  How Much !!   Cheese was always a favourite instead of a dessert.  Not now. 
One course nowadays, come home and eat my own  Canadian Cheddar.  ::)
Oh and chicken or sausages in a basket with chips  yum yum,  best not to have gravy though.

Sausages in our local  -  so many choices, all locally handmade of course.  By which time I am losing the will to live, dying of boredom and hunger.    :lol: :lol:.   Those were the days my friends - oh I feel a song coming on.    Mrs Bouquet
Chatting on the Plot / The Ploughman's lunch...
« Last post by Growster... on Yesterday at 15:44 »
Whatever happened to this delicious comestible?

When I first started work in Ashford, in 1965, and got to know a few locals, we would all meet up at 'The Swan' in Tufton Street (Mumofstig will know the place), and it was there I started to learn about how business was done...

There were a few others in estate agency, several in insurance, (The Royal, opposite), some from a travel agency (Swinards), and some gorgeous girls from the hairdressers down in Bank Street. We made so many friends, and some I can even talk to now; if I can find their contact details...

But the lunch was fabulous.

A half of bitter at eight pence (old money - 3.5p now), a pasty at a shilling (five pence now), and a Ploughman's at 1/6 (7.5 pence now)!

(You might gather that my landlady back then wasn't really up to much more than boiled sausages, and a solid egg on toast)! Bless...

My, how we lived then, but pity (praise) the poor Ploughman - a hunk of cheddar cheese, a small lump of butter and a roll with a bit of pickle! It was all we needed back then; none of this African apple, several kinds of slaw, too much bread, a paper flag of some description, maybe an egg (?), some sort of yellow sauce, limp lettuce, a slice of tomato and 'homemade pickle' ....

Grow Your Own / Cape gooseberrys
« Last post by Olibongo on Yesterday at 15:38 »
Hi new here can any one help cape gooseberry why are my fruits growing outside their husks
Chatting on the Plot / Re: The Happy Birthday Slot
« Last post by snowdrops on Yesterday at 15:32 »
Thank you Sunny, glad there wasn’t an avalanche of those tomatoes lol
Chatting on the Plot / Re: Fishing Season 2018
« Last post by Aled on Yesterday at 15:28 »
Nice one MarkC, I've seen and lost sea trout in recent weeks....just not caught any sea trout recently.
Chatting on the Plot / 70 page booklet binder.
« Last post by Goosegirl on Yesterday at 14:15 »
I wrote a booklet that I print out and use a slide-on spine bar but would prefer to have one of those plastic coil jobbies because it's a sod to put on without moving the pages out of alignment. Does anyone have any recommendations that doesn't cost the earth?
Grow Your Own / Re: Sweetcorn Smut? and another question
« Last post by Goosegirl on Yesterday at 14:12 »
Your silks may just be developing at different times so I wouldn't worry about it. Smut sounds likely but see what others say about what to do.
Grow Your Own / Re: What can be sowed now, or in the coming months?
« Last post by New shoot on Yesterday at 14:09 »
Well the main site has a monthly guide and there is a link to a sowing and harvest chart if you scroll down the page.

Fruit & Vegetable Growing Guide for August

I have just sorted out some seeds for sowing and I have spring cabbage, oriental greens, bits for the greenhouse overwinter (winter salad mix, land cress, purslane, chervil and parsley) and spinach on my list.  There are probably more but they are at home and I am at work at the moment  :lol:
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