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Sunny with blue sky! 8 though.
Grey and miserable here, as well, but still incredibly mild 18C.

Despite all the warnings we only had a total of 1.3mm of rain yesterday and overnight :( with only a 5-10% chance of any today. We badly need enough to refill the Aquifers, they're getting low now.
Chatting on the Plot / Green Fingers?
« Last post by Pescador on Today at 09:32 »
Says it all!
Grey, wet & miserable looking. Ive done the ironing so might have to start on the cleaning 😱 or maybe a spot of retail therapy as my lunch date cancelled 😂.
Chatting on the Plot / Re: What's for tea? 2018
« Last post by madcat on Today at 08:33 »
Pork belly cooked with apples, prunes and cider (some green toms and butter beans sneaked in as well!) all in the slow cooker for tonight.  Busy day today!  Have to sort something on the side for OH - rice probably.
I was seriously considering a duvet day today, it's foul out there.  Cold, windy, dark and wet.
Grow Your Own / Re: What I did on the plot today 2018
« Last post by Plot 1 Problems on Today at 01:34 »
Took the nipper to the plot where we hid from the rain in the tunnel,clearing out a few of the chilli plants that have given up the ghost. He decided he wanted to try fresh chillies; Jalepeno were ok , but the Havana Gold were a bit hot for him, but he found it funny. As tough manly dad I of course ate one of the hotter chillies which was agony :D
Grow Your Own / Re: What I did on the plot today 2018
« Last post by Offwego on Yesterday at 21:01 »
Planted a new cox apple tree on M27 rootstock hope to train it into a fan shape. Mulched around with well rotted horse muck

Planted 8 thornless blackberries and hope to make an edible hedge with them

Watered my spring cabbage and Christmas potatoes in the polytunnel

An enjoyable 1.5 hours on the plot
Grow Your Own / Re: Gooseberry bush distance
« Last post by greenjay on Yesterday at 19:56 »
second joan j fab raspberry
Grow Your Own / Re: Soft fruit advice
« Last post by Offwego on Yesterday at 18:54 »
I hope they do all take, some for me ,some for my son and his family and some for the birds😁
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