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Chicken Chat / Re: Garvo Chicken food?
« Last post by grinling on Today at 19:48 »
Just looked at amazon at £21 per bag is expensive, I pay £8.50.
Also read the bit underneath which was factually wrong.
You could ask your feed merchant or pet shop if they will get it in.
Not too cold, a bit drizzly.
You need to do some balance exercises (ex physio speaking) standing by stable surface using a hand for balance as necessary try tapping toe to ground in front to side and behind. Attempt to stand in one leg using hand for balance if you think you are going to topple. Iíve started doing them with my eyes closed after using my eye drops. I am now much better at balancing when changing shoes than before. Loss of balance in us older folk leads to falls and fractures.
Chatting on the Plot / Re: Ten years ago today ...
« Last post by rowlandwells on Today at 15:15 »
IL definitely drink to that long live allotment & gardening for all "CHEERS"
General Gardening / Re: Thats Better !
« Last post by rowlandwells on Today at 15:09 »
went down the allotments yesterday never done much to wet pulled a couple of savoy cabbage then  cut  some holly and conifer up the farm for the wife to do her Christmas pots then down came the rain it was a cold rain so a sharp exit outdoors to indoors with a cup of tea to warm me up  :D
General Gardening / Re: Helichrysum
« Last post by rowlandwells on Today at 14:58 »
thank you both for those replies and I can see where I'm going wrong now because although there picked with long stalks there hung in a damp shed  :ohmy: well there's no heating and it does tend to get a bit on the damp side so  problem sorted
PS your rite Mrs B they are lovely flower for both fresh and dried I'M growing Helichrysum King sized mixed next year thanks again
Chatting on the Plot / Re: Ten years ago today ...
« Last post by Fairy Plotmother on Today at 14:46 »
Happy Anniversary!😁
Kitchen Natter / Re: Christmas Pudding
« Last post by mrs bouquet on Today at 14:25 »
Opened up that pudding today,  cor, the smell of alcohol and yumminess was lovely.   I tried to cut it up but it was very soggy.  So I shaped the portions with my hands, then lined with greaseproof,  three plastic airtight containers, and put it all in, then covered with more greaseproof.
I tried a portion, well it would be rude not to,  20 seconds in the microwave.   It was gorgeous.   :) :)  Mrs
Have a look at 'Arthritis Care'.  They will be able to give you lots of tips and ways to keep mobile.
Also, when you get up, just gently roll each limb and neck, hands, feet, ankles etc, in circular movements, then go the other way, it will get the blood to start to circulate and thus reduce inflammation.   Don't be silly though, like me, just do as much as you can.  I am quite sure you wouldn't be silly    ;) ;)  Mrs Bouquet
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