Introducing the g.easel or g.adder for 2018, its a 4 in 1 solution

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Its a 4 in 1 design; #1 Compost bin ladder, #2 Bean frame (curved), #3 Wind break, #4 Seedling Cloche. Dimensions are approx 2.5' x 6.5' or 0.76m x 2m.

All held together with x4 Turbocoach screws that can be driven in without pilot holes straight throu the metal tubes into the battens. A quick tap on the turboscrew with a hammer to puncture the metal is all that is required.

Because of the issues I felt I had with the preservative on the wooden batens or the soft HDPE plastic grid that I used on the 2017 mk1 design, I'm hoping to be as "inert" as possible, untreated batons and old galvanised heras panels.

Regards naming its either a g.easel = gardeners Easel or a g.adder = gardeners ladder as the hook part of the design looks like fangs on a viper or Adder.

Or any suggestions for a name ?
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