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Excellent. I walk the dog every morning for 10 minutes to a rapeseed field for her ablutions! Took a compost bag this morning and filled it. Will if I remember do it every morning. Hopefully if I remember I will collect a bag full on her proper walk at night.
Grow Your Own / Re: What is this fruit (probably inedible)
« Last post by cc on Today at 13:52 »
Thank you
Grow Your Own / Re: Foxes
« Last post by Enfield Glen on Today at 13:49 »
I reckon they were to blame for the devastation to my carrots which included eating some of them. I don't think its the adults but the juveniles that will try anything.
Grow Your Own / Foxes
« Last post by viettaclark on Today at 13:44 »
As well as contending with pigeons, slugs/snails and cabbage whites I now have a fox/foxes that come to scope out the chickens then in frustration (and possibly hunger) decide to bounce on my debris netting, breaking the poles and squishing my leeks/cabbage/psb/sprouts. There is so much damage I shall be redoing the raised beds asap with 3x2 timber supports for the netting. It happened last year but there was only a little damage.....this year they seem to be having a party on the flattened netting and I'm sure some cabbages have gone.
Do foxes eat greens?
Definitely brown. It's harder and drier than greens would be.
Grow Your Own / Re: sarpo mira potatoes.
« Last post by Deborah1 on Today at 12:39 »
I've grown Sarpo Mira for the last five years. A friend gave me some to try and I've saved seed ever since. Blight is a real problem here most years so I was really pleased to have a 'guaranteed' crop.
I can grow them next to really susceptible to Blight varieties like Belle de Fontenay or Pink Fir Apple and the Sarpos just carry on regardless even once the others have gone down with it.
They can make huge tubers - sometimes too big, and the leaves stay green right until the first frosts. They spread and flop a lot, so seem to need more space than other varieties.

At first I loved them for their reliability. Now I find them less satisfying. They seem to be a vole magnet - all the big ones have been eaten this year leaving lots of too tiny for eating but fine for using as seed next year. They also get more attention from slugs than other varieties - last year I lost count of the numbers I had to discard as they were completely riddled with slug tunnels and useless for cooking.

The Blight resistance is a massive positive but, for me, the taste isn't that amazing - they mash ok, but I don't think they boil that well. They chip ok, but perhaps have a higher sugar content as they seem to brown quickly (obviously that could be my cooking ;)) They are OK for baking and roasting.

I will always plant at least a few, but will be trying some of the other resistant ones next season.
Cooking, Storing and Preserving / Re: Raspberries
« Last post by mumofstig on Today at 12:28 »
Mine do much the same, though I think keeping them covered helps a bit, so I can only assume that shop bought rasps are picked before they are fully ripe so that they last a bit longer.
For you or the soil?  :unsure:  :lol:
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