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Grow Your Own / Re: Blueberry bush ID
« Last post by Lardman on Today at 13:31 »
They're all pretty much tall and spindly and those in pots are refusing to set fruit again which makes the season comparison difficult.

Going over my email history I bought them from Jparkes back in 2009 as part of their all season collection, helpfully they don't list the varieties on the order >:(

I know there's supposed to be a spartan,  dixie ,  patriot and a goldtraube in there but Im stuck on the last; I don't think it was top hat there's certainly nothing 2ft tall everything is 4ft +.

Grow Your Own / Re: Pruning plum tree
« Last post by Lardman on Today at 13:20 »
I know you're not supposed to prune until Summer to avoid leaf disease. 
Is it okay to prune now. 

I think you've answered your own question.  :nowink:

You can prune it any time you wish - it's your tree. But why do you want to prune it?  It's a bit early for summer pruning to promote good fruiting next season and to control the tree growth and just a bit late to encourage new vegetative growth for this season.
Chatting on the Plot / Re: Bird ID needed.
« Last post by Goosegirl on Today at 13:10 »
Growster - I'm tapping like mad - where are you? My windows were open and it definitely came from outside and my nearest neighbour is three large fields away. Nearest I can get to the sound is if you tap the tip of your tongue on the roof of your open mouth.
Grow Your Own / Re: New potatoes for Christmas?
« Last post by DD. on Today at 12:16 »
Your other big problem is trying to grow them during the peak of the blight season.
Grow Your Own / Re: New potatoes for Christmas?
« Last post by al78 on Today at 12:02 »
It won't cost much to have a go and find out. I'm a bit skeptical myself, you need a frost free area or be prepared to bring the bags indoors on cold nights. The potatoes are also growing during the period of the year when daylight hours are quickly decreasing, so I wonder how much solar energy they can really convert into carbohydrates, after using what they need to survive and grow. I've thought about it but never tried it myself so can't say if it is worthwhile or not.
Grow Your Own / Re: As sure as eggs is eggs - DD's Pea pics...
« Last post by DD. on Today at 11:34 »
Coming on a treat now!

Grow Your Own / Re: In a bind...
« Last post by aelf on Today at 11:29 »
rather than spray so close to your asparagus, you could put rubber gloves on and dab the bindweed leaves with glyphosate using a sponge or paper towel. If you do this, please rinse the gloves well before you take them off.
Grow Your Own / In a bind...
« Last post by rookie1 on Today at 11:11 »
I've noticed that a couple of bindweed plants have popped up in my raised bed containing asparagus (planted last year). Given that I can't dig this stuff out, would it be possible to carefully spray the bindweed with something like Resolva (glyphosate/diquat) to see if that would do the trick? Don't want to see my poor spears strangled.
Equipment Shed / "real" Rotovators
« Last post by Digger the Dog on Today at 10:51 »
Suggestions of manufacturers of "real" Rotovators like the Howard Gem

By "Rotovator" I mean driven front wheels and rear tines, Forward and Reverse gearbox and even a diesel engine. I know of the Bertolini range but hope that some-one could suggest a few more manufacturers.

I'm after something like the Howard Gem which can have accessories added to it. ie a Ridger, a Plough etc

Grow Your Own / Re: gooseberry xenia mildew
« Last post by andyf75 on Today at 10:44 »
Hi all,
Some pics of what I think must be mildew. Not looking good at all. From all the info online it just gives ways of prevention by keeping the bush open. It seems quite open to me and is a recently planted supposedly resistant variety. What do I do? Presumably the fruit won’t be usable the mould just wipes off but the fruit is not ripe yet so by the time it is I doubt it will look very appetising! Should I give it a really drastic prune of all the affected bits and hope for the best next year?
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