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The Hen House / Re: Another poorly hen
« Last post by grinling on Today at 23:21 »
How old are your hens?
Were they vaccinated?
Colour/consistency or poo?
Temperature under wings consistent with all the flock?
Eyes clear/ breathing clear?
What do you feed them/ has it got wet/ is the food hung higher than a bucket?
Egg production?
If they are too long they can be filed down before the maintenance to infill the new nail growth.

Grow Your Own / Re: Seed viability
« Last post by Plot 1 Problems on Today at 21:23 »
Most people on our site have had germination problems of different sorts. Only issues for me so far are my directly sown carrots and salsify.
Grow Your Own / Lovely sort of leafy green Hertshoornweegbree
« Last post by Toosje on Today at 21:08 »
Last year I have sown some sort of lettuce (I thought). It was growing fast and very good as a tougher lettuce or, when a little older, as a leafy green for a stir fry.

I have no idea what the name would be in English, but I will add a foto.

What I liked a lot about it is, it goes on through winter time! Do you get as bored as I do with all the carrots, beets and bulbs? This, together with chicory is such a nice change :)

Plantago coronopus is the Latin name
Grow Your Own / Re: Seed viability
« Last post by Toosje on Today at 21:00 »
I really think it is the weather. I have been gardening for nearly 20 years now mainly with 2 brands, first with Bolster and the last few years with Bingenheim Saatgut: both very high germination rate. This year it is a mess. I still have to get good cucumbers, broccoli, cauliflowers.. and I am very lucky with the active 'exchange habit' between the plot owners. Because of my neighbors I have green beans, black beans, several pumpkins, part of the chillies and tomatoes.. I am even buying plants this year.

The funny thing is: it seems every one has a different succes. My eggplants and kale sort of exploded, so now I have about 30 of them.
I still have half a dozen outdoor tomatoes to plant out!
The Hen House / Re: Another poorly hen
« Last post by ghost61 on Today at 20:58 »
Have you checked your coop for red mite?  Losing one hen followed by another is an indication.  Look for grey mites - they are not always red.  Good luck!
Grow Your Own / Re: Seed viability
« Last post by Christine on Today at 20:41 »
Think we can possibly rule out the compost as other things grew/are growing just fine in it. I gave next door some pansy seeds - he's done well with pansies/violas this last few years and grown some real corkers. This year they failed - he went and bought more seeds and those failed too. Yet the African Marigolds that I picked up as part of a bundle are doing him just fine.
The Hen House / Re: Another poorly hen
« Last post by Toosje on Today at 20:41 »
I really have no idea Alex. I looked at your previous posts and saw that in februari your hens had dirty bums. The last hen you asked about didn't drink: nor eat? Have tried to feed her or let her drink?

Did you manage to solve the dirty bum problem? Have you had the other hen checked by the vet for some obvious 'hen things' like worms, cocodiosis..
Does her ... the little bag where all the foods comes first.. empty during the night or is she badly digesting?

If you are wright/right and the problem is bullying, wouldn't it be more logical/a good idea to find out who's the main bullier and separate her in stead of the hen that is being bullied?

I hope she picks up and doesn't leave like the last hen.
The Hen House / Another poorly hen
« Last post by alexroyall85 on Today at 19:03 »
Evening all

The chicken I was asking about the other just that sadly died. Being my first one to go was a real slap in the face. She was a Norfolk grey. When I had her in her own coop she seemed much better.
As I was down at the allotment tonight another Norfolk grey of which there is now 2 is showing similar signs to the last one. As with the other there are no visible signs as to what is happening with her. She is on her own now but still in sight of the other hens. She is the smallest in the flock now , and Iím sure itís bullying as no other symptoms are present. Any thoughts on this would be great fully received.

Many thanks

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