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Frugal Living / T&M free delivery this weekend
« Last post by New shoot on Today at 11:59 »
Applies to just about the whole Thompson & Morgan range for on-line orders.  I've just used it to order seed potatoes, but could also be useful if you want fruit trees or bushes, or gardening kit.  They also have 5 for 4 on most veg and flower seeds and quite a few 99p seeds which might be worth looking at.


If this doesn't work for you in your shopping basket, use this one.


Dangerous stuff for a wet weekend, but could be worth a browse if you are feeling like you have your seedaholic tendencies under some sort of control  ;)  :lol:
Chatting on the Plot / Re: Dreading it !!!
« Last post by mrs bouquet on Today at 11:15 »
Grinling, If you want to PM me, I can tell you about exercises, meds, and The Meniere's Society.  Mrs B
Grow Your Own / Re: beans
« Last post by lettice on Today at 10:47 »
I grow these;

Runner beans - Painted lady - Been saving the seed for decades. Excellent crop as ever this year.
French Cobra beans (Seekay originally now saved) - Excellent croppers. Bucket loads of them each week this year as they normally do.
Purple Queen French Beans - cropped well this year as ever in my usual pots. My saved seeds.
Sonesta beans - Dwarf grown in pots, cropped as well as previous years. My saved seeds.
Hunter beans - (Mr Fothergills) Great crop of flat beans in ground and this year in pots, great croppers.
Grow Your Own / Re: Comopsting Runner Beans ?
« Last post by JayG on Today at 10:10 »
Didn't see GW so don't know why Monty suggested not digging in the roots, although I'm guessing it was because legume roots aren't the valuable source of nitrogen they were once thought to be.

Chop the roots and bines and compost the lot if there's room in your dalek - if you don't need the ground space yet you can just remove the supports and leave the whole lot in situ - it will shrink down considerably over winter and take up much less space in your bin.
Grow Your Own / Re: Comopsting Runner Beans ?
« Last post by lettice on Today at 10:05 »
Plenty of time yet before your runner beans stop producing.
Picking bucket loads daily now and normally pick all through October.

I always leave the plants to turn brown, as I save the beans in their pods.

So come mid November or so, I take out the poles carefully and cut about a foot above root level and place all the plant into the compost bin.
For the left roots, I pull them up carefully, not wanting to leave any roots in the ground and chop them up into smaller bits also placed in the compost bin. They rot quickly.
Grow Your Own / Comopsting Runner Beans ?
« Last post by Sleepingpopman on Today at 09:43 »
 :) Hi Folks.
Well after a slow start my 6 runner bean plants have gone mad, loads of growth & beans, nobody left in the street to give some too & we've got at least 100 two portion bags in our freezers & there still going.
 My question is, What do I do with all the growth when they've finished? 
Can it all go in compost bin?  :unsure:  In past yeas I've chopped them up & put in our green wheelie bin & dug the roots in but last week Monty Don said they now say not to dig in the roots  ??? We only have 1 Darlic type compost bin as we only have a 3mtr x 3mtr veg plot at the back of our bungalow so tight for space.
Look forward to your replies as usual.  ;)
Chatting on the Plot / Re: What's for tea? 2018
« Last post by madcat on Today at 09:31 »
Last night was cold beef with beetroot gratin, roasted tomatoes, steamed pakchoi and some charlottes for OH.  That was good ... gratin is definitely my favorite way with beetroot!

Tonight will be a summer pork casserole from the slow cooker - otherwise known as a veg drawer clearout!  Couscous for OH on the side.
Grow Your Own / Re: New garden/ field start
« Last post by Veg Plot 1B on Today at 09:09 »
Perhaps check out Charles Dowding's no dig.
Chatting on the Plot / Re: What's for tea? 2018
« Last post by John on Today at 02:06 »
I was babysitting tonight and got a lovely hot chicken biryani made by my sprog. Gave me a chance to try out my experiment which I'm calling John's Evil Hot Chilli Pickle as well :) Best of all, grandsprog didn't wake up so a peaceful evening in front of the telly with 2 moggies fighting for prime spot on my lap.
Grow Your Own / Re: New garden/ field start
« Last post by John on Today at 00:45 »
Just a few thoughts:
Sarpo Mira are very vigorous but I'd  give them 50/50 in those circumstances at best. If you could get it ploughed beforehand it could work out well with Mira. Another option might be to plant through weed membrane. The membrane will stop the weed pressure and so the Mira will get going.
Another option would be to spray it off. In view of the reports over the last year I don't feel comfortable suggesting glyphosate but Neudorff do a translocating weedkiller that is made from pelargoniums that you can plant after the next day. I'm trialling it at the moment and it seems fairly effective.
With Mira you can give a wider row and spacing than most maincrops. I'd go 60cm apart in rows 90cm. Mira is very dense and resists slugs so it may be a good one to plant if there is a lot of wireworm.
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