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Well its another o m g  im afraid , ive been doing quite well with the paul holliwood bloomer hubby loves it so im doing it insted of my usual except for sat this week when i forgot to put the salt in my loaf , last night thought i would have a cuppa slice of bread and peanut butter sat down and thouht i had lost my sence of taste it was awful so making another this morning , but what shall i do with my saltless loaf 
maybe a bread pudding  ideas please or its out for the birds .
chrissie b
Use a Julienne cutter, or a spiralizer if you have one to prepare the courgettes.  In a plastic bag, or other container put plain flour, salt, black pepper and a good shake of garlic powder.  Toss courgette strings in this and then fry quickly in very hot oil.
I use these to serve with loads of different stuff, and they are very tasty.

Now I know what I'm having with ribs tonight ;)
Good stuff Wilf!

I'm pretty pleased this year too, while somethings have sulked at the heat, others like the butternut squashes are thriving! I've so many chillies starting to appear in the tunnel now, I'm going to be giving away homemade hot sauce for Christmas this year!
Chatting on the Plot / Re: song link ups
« Last post by Plot 1 Problems on Today at 10:51 »
Testify - Stevie Ray Vaughan
Same here Lardman. Headache weather and the ground is dry again. I dug down a little yesterday in an empty bed and the soil is still moist 2-3 inches deep and none of my crops are complaining too much though.
Grow Your Own / Re: Wasps
« Last post by Plot 1 Problems on Today at 10:47 »
The wasps have more helpful than ever this year killing unwanted pests! I'm only wary of them once the fruits are ripe and they get their sugar rage.
Grow Your Own / Re: Too late to sow Borlotto beans?
« Last post by snowdrops on Today at 10:35 »
They always grow better in soil than in the packets 😉😉😊. Itís been such a funny year itís worth trying anything . If the weather turns damp😂 before you have harvested the beans it would be worth cutting down the plant & moving it all into a warm dry place(if there are beans in the pods which Iím sure there will be)
Grow Your Own / Re: Wasps
« Last post by AlaninCarlisle on Today at 10:33 »
Last summer I disturbed a wasps' nest in the front garden and ended up with five stings, including one that somehow got inside my shoe. Now I'm a bit more careful when I venture into shrubbery
Growing in Greenhouses & Polytunnels / Re: sweet peppers
« Last post by AnneB on Today at 08:47 »
My peppers, both chilli and sweet are doing better than my greenhouse tomatoes this year.  In particular Palivec and Sheepnose are doing well.
Tomatoes are behaving oddly - a few have grown blind.
My cucumbers are very disappointing.  The polytunnel one has barely grown with the fruits withering at the inch long stage.  Greenhouse one is slightly better, but still not eaten one yet!
Melons are covered in flowers but no fruit!
Grow Your Own / Re: Hose pipe ban help
« Last post by AnneB on Today at 08:38 »
We already run under the 'no hosepipes except to fill water butts' rule, because water charges across the borough were getting horrendous, and no one wanted to pay extra for water usage.

Like Aidey, I wish ours would too. Several plot holders will happily leave sprinklers going all night, or day (and they've plumbed into the site main so their tap's behind a locked gate and inaccessible to turn off )  >:( The site's on a meter and the cost is divvied up the following year based on plot area so the many pay for the excesses of the few....
Is your site a Council run one?  Or self-managed?   Such behaviour wouldn't be tolerated on our site, indeed I don't think any of our plotholders would dream of doing such a thing.  If there is nothing about it in your rules, I suggest it ought to be introduced by your committee pronto.  Failure to comply should result in an excess water usage charge or even eviction.   We try and do all we can to save water on our site - most people have barrels to catch rain water and so on.  Ours is a Council site and we each pay £22 per year for water.  I expect because of the hot weather more has been used this year, so we might have an increase next year.
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