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Frugal Living / Re: cost of insect mesh
« Last post by 8doubles on Today at 15:47 »
With more and more tiny pests like allium leaf miner, lee moth etc, I have decided to grow more crops under what is often called enviromesh or veggie mesh. Although it lasts for years if you look after it, it does need quite some financial layout in the first place, so I have been looking around at costs

I know usually I am keen to buy local, or at least British, but on this occasion I have been tempted away across the seas to... Hong Kong

I have just bought a piece 1m by 2.6m for 30 less than the next closest British competitor, with free p&p. It arrived in just over two weeks. This gives me enough to cover both leek beds through until the Autumn, and then use it for onion sets next Spring.

I felt some of you might be interested... search in Amazon for insect mesh and there are lots to choose from, billed as UV stable too
I think there is a zero missing somewhere in the meterage , or it costs a lot and you have tiny leek beds ! :)
Frugal Living / Re: cost of insect mesh
« Last post by compostqueen on Today at 15:28 »
The wilko stuff is good!

I don't drink or smoke so enviromesh is my only vice 😎
Grow Your Own / Garlic
« Last post by compostqueen on Today at 15:26 »
Lucky me has just visited the Garlic FArm while on holiday on the Isle of Wight. Bought four varieties which I stored in their bags in my husband's shoes.  I didn't tell him

I saw a red squirrel while there and had a fab lunch! It was a slog as we walked most of the way there and all the way back

I love garlic! 🙂
Chatting on the Plot / Re: Insect bite
« Last post by compostqueen on Today at 15:21 »
I got bit to death yesterday but under my tee shirt, not my exposed bits 🙄  I am covered in red lumps 🙄 Bah!
I would use seaweed off the foreshore if I lived near the sea but wouldn't buy it

Frugal Living / Re: Wheelbarrow Washer!
« Last post by compostqueen on Today at 15:17 »
Yeah me too then swish it over my raised bed 🙂
« Last post by compostqueen on Today at 15:15 »
Sawdust doesn't rot readily. Stuff that sits around for ages gets filed in a bin of its own ready to be used for topping up purposes once it's got going

I don't mix grass mowings in with my compost. I do like to put that In a builders rubble sack on its own. It rots down like mad

I just got offered my neighbour's compost bins now they have  built some timber whoppers. I fear they might ask for em back once they find that big ain't necessarily beautiful 😎

I opened one of my full bins yesters and found it reduced to dust by ants.  ✔️ I chucked in a load of overgrown courgettes as a reward for their hard work 🙂
« Last post by compostqueen on Today at 15:07 »
They will last several seasons.  Mine  were 50p each and are still going. I had two that that rotted so they became firewood
Grow Your Own / Re: I'm giving up cabbages
« Last post by compostqueen on Today at 15:01 »
Yup, which is why I shall always grow my own 🙂
Chatting on the Plot / Re: What's for tea? 2017
« Last post by compostqueen on Today at 14:57 »
I visited my horribly weedy plot yesterday but came up trumps veg and fruit wise. I made a lovely dinner with smoked haddock, new potatoes, calabrese, onion, Sunburst courgette and carrots. Apple and blackberry crumble f'rafters 😋

Got bit to death 😩
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