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Chatting on the Plot / Re: Leaflets/flyers
« Last post by Growster... on Today at 08:08 »
As an ex-postie myself (albeit many years ago) we were paid an extra amount per week for delivering the junk leaflets as part of our rounds. Not much though and now we're in the era of the minimum wage I imagine that extra payment is long gone.
I'm a postie and hate the door to doors (junk mail) this week I've had 7 for each door which is just crazy, but we do get paid extra for posting them and it's a sack able offence.  I wish we didn't have to post them but it helps keep us in a job.  So sorry guys composting material.

Cheers Dan

Dan, your job is so necessary, so no apols are required!

We always chat with Pete, our postman, and while the junk stuff is normally binned immediately, I sometimes wish that I had a stair-lift and a hearing aid with a walk-in bath, just to make life that much easier...

Don't you stop - ever!
Chatting on the Plot / Re: Oldest kit in the kitchen...
« Last post by Growster... on Today at 08:01 »
My work chums and my boss at my company collected a lot of cash for us, and we bought a china set in Hastings. They really were so generous!

It is still used daily, and we even found some mugs on Ebay (which weren't around in 1972), and they get a seeing-too regularly!

When Mrs Growster found the design - Royal Doulton 'Segovia' and owl-brown additions (from China Parade in Hastings) - we were assured that the copies and replacements would always be around...

Oh no they weren't, so when the casserole lids broke etc, there weren't any replacements!

I would say hang fire, but whatever way you go,you are going to be struggling with that quantity. The forecast for Northern Ireland gives temperatures in the lower single digits overnight for the foreseeable future and tomatoes need a minimum temp of 10C, otherwise their growth can stall and it's difficult for them to get going again.

I'm afraid it's the old tale of if you're going to start things early, you need facilities for their aftercare. 
Grow Your Own / Re: Wood pellet cat litter
« Last post by mumofstig on Yesterday at 23:46 »
I'd compost it separately and use it eventually in the flower garden, rather than the veg patch.
The Hen House / Re: Bird Flu 2018
« Last post by LosPollosHermanos on Yesterday at 23:34 »
First case of H5N6 in Northern Ireland -  County Antrim

Grow Your Own / Wood pellet cat litter
« Last post by BumbleJo on Yesterday at 23:26 »
Hi folks, having lost a brother recently Iíve gained a cat.  Iíve settled on using wood pellet type cat litter which is supposed to be compostable.  However Iíve read that you shouldnít use it in compost that is going to be used for veg growing so Iím wondering if itís ok to be used as a mulch around fruit trees.  Or should I let it rot down first, keeping it separate from the normal compost?  Obviously all solids are removed!  It seems a shame to just bin it when itís a natural product...thoughts welcome.  Thanks.
Growing in Greenhouses & Polytunnels / Tomatoes to transplant or not
« Last post by ricky on Yesterday at 22:35 »
I have around 1000 tomatoes to transplant all different breeds  but it's this late frost I'm worried about , I've built a frame out of insulation  polythene inside the polytunnel and I intend burning a 100 watt bulb inside the frame to just heat the air just incase Jack frost shows his face, the tomatoes are ready to transplant but my question is should I hang fire another wee while or get licked in tomorrow and get transplanting thanks guy's
General Gardening / Re: erysimum bowles mauve
« Last post by Elaine G on Yesterday at 21:49 »
Thanks mumofstig for your reply.
I am surprised at the flowers, they have been there on and off all winter and its not a particularly sheltered place either. I will do as you recommend and give it a trim when the weather improves again.

General Gardening / Re: Lifting Echinacea
« Last post by Elaine G on Yesterday at 21:45 »
Thank you mumofstig for your reassurance, I will dig it up when the next phase of rain has passed over!

Chatting on the Plot / Re: Oldest kit in the kitchen...
« Last post by mumofstig on Yesterday at 21:10 »
We were only talking about this at the weekend, my hand held mixer which doesn't get the use it used to is now 35 years old and still works well.  I bought it at Blackbush Market as part of my 'trousseau'.  Do young     people still start a 'trousseau' anymore?
Oh, in East London, by custom, your trousseau was just your wedding dress and new undies and clothes for 'going away' all the other things were for your 'bottom drawer'  :D
Local custom and language usage I suppose.
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