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Chatting on the Plot / Re: What's for tea? 2017
« Last post by madcat on Today at 11:06 »
I had to top up the mince pie tin ..  ::)  ..  so a meat and veg pie was added to the oven (filling from the freezer ie left over casserole!).  Roast pots and squash, runner beans to complete.   :)

Tonight will be a big beef casserole, onions frying off in in the slow cooker as I type.  Mash or couscous on the side, depending if I can face more cold water this evening.
Grow Your Own / Re: sprouts
« Last post by jambop on Today at 10:51 »
Great I will just take a few of the larger ones from each plant and let the other grow on. The are a little smaller than the ones you would buy but the are very much greener that is a deep green colour. Looking forward to trying them. I suppose the leaves would be good in soup? There is a very famous soup down this neck of the woods called "garbure" the French put cabbage into that. It is a strange sort of cabbage it grows very tall and the leaves are actually quite like that of the sprout, they just pick a few leaves from each plant the plants grow on for months.
Grow Your Own / Re: sprouts
« Last post by heygrow on Today at 10:34 »
Can you cut the top leaves before all the sprouts are harvested, or will it weaken the plant?
Grow Your Own / Re: horsetail
« Last post by heygrow on Today at 10:32 »
I agree with Pecador. I have it on my plot and all you can really do is keep on top of it and improve the soil. I have found it does diminish doing this, if not go away completely. Good news is I don't think it actually harmful to the crops...I also wonder if it does not actually do some good in a perverse way by bringing nutrients up from deep to the surface soil. No proof, just my speculation and it makes me feel better about it! 8)
Chatting on the Plot / Re: Wishing one's life away?
« Last post by Aled on Today at 10:13 »
Now I get this and yes I too love spring and summer, but I have a series of stepping stones to get me through. November, wildfowling, and the autumn rugby internationals. December, two young children its Christmas concerts, and school events plus some rough shooting. January: That's my long month as I also do dry January, (no alcohol all month) a little bit of shooting,  February and early March the 6 Nations. When that's finished we are into spring and the garden and the fishing season are just beginning. However over the winter months I also cut logs for the following years fire, and I usually do some care work on the veg plot, (composting etc) however we don't seem to get many dry winter days anymore weather always seems dull and damp!
Chatting on the Plot / Re: looking back over my shoulder
« Last post by Aled on Today at 10:02 »
Nice one all. Must say we don't seem to have as many of the old countrymen in my corner of Wales as we used to. They could grow their own food, catch their own fish (by methods both fair and foul!), as well getting their own meat, by gun, ferret, dog, or trap. Many also kept hens. I used to spend time sitting with them listening to their stories. For example the best day to go poaching on the river was the day of the local show, everybody would be there and it was quiet. Yes the good old days!
Chatting on the Plot / Re: The Happy Birthday Slot
« Last post by New shoot on Today at 09:58 »
Sorry I missed it Val.  Belated birthday wishes from me  :)
Chatting on the Plot / Re: Fishing Season 2017
« Last post by Aled on Today at 09:57 »
Nice one Aidy. Get some fly tying done over Christmas hols. Just reminded me I need to sort out my fly boxes.
Tight Lines
Chatting on the Plot / Re: looking back over my shoulder
« Last post by azubah on Today at 09:20 »
The reason why there were not many women on allotments in the old days is because they had to do the washing by hand and carry the shopping home on the bus etc. They had no spare time or energy to do anything other than housework.
My mom used to wheel us in the pram to the local shops 1.5 miles away and put the shopping in the pram. We sat on top of the tins. It was far from comfortable. Washing took all day and was dried around the fire if it was raining. Ironing took all of the next day. The floors were cleaned with a brush. No vacuum cleaner. Kids were walked to school and meals cooked from scratch. No refrigerator. The fire had to be cleaned of ash and re-kindled each morning in cold weather and baths had to be filled with kettles and pans of boiling water. Aaah.. the good old days...
Chatting on the Plot / Re: Fishing Season 2017
« Last post by sunshineband on Today at 09:05 »
Reeeeesult  :D
Chatting with a patient today that turns out does a spot of shooting, he is going to supply me with fur n feather from his shoots.
Happy bunny today.

Well that'll keep your fingers busy won't it?  :D :D
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