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Chatting on the Plot / More vandelism
« Last post by snow white on Today at 23:22 »
Yet again we have been the target of individuals who think destroying property is such a lark.  They went too far this time.  They killed two of our rescue chickens.  Feeling very sad about the state of society. :unsure:
Grow Your Own / Re: The perils of unmarked saved seed!
« Last post by AnneB on Today at 22:38 »
At least you have embryonic fruits Kleftiwallah.  I have flowers, flowers and flowers but no sign of a melon (or even a butternut squash!).
Grow Your Own / Re: carrot shortage?
« Last post by AnneB on Today at 22:26 »
I have a nice little crop coming along- I could probably harvest some now to be honest.  However one of my crop has decided to flower in its first year.  I can only put this down to the weather.
This is turning out to be a bonkers year!
I am sure some plants have gone into survival mode and are static almost in shock.
Toms are producing tons of fruit but very slow to ripen, only my sweet million cherries are ripening!
Brocolli came and went before we could actually  crop it.
Took the peas up today and they were not the best, fewer pods per plant and peas are ok but not the best.
Cukes are going mental, took 6 off yesterday, 10 today and tonight I noticed 3 more are now ready.
Not sure about my mains spuds, the top growth is dying back now, might just lift one plant to see what they are like.
The beans both climbing and so called dwarf are producing tons now.
The met office reckon heavy rain is on the way and should arrive here around 3am. It's like waiting for Christmas! :) Now, shall I stay up to see or not? Decisions..
Grow Your Own / carrot shortage?
« Last post by solway cropper on Today at 21:27 »
Just read in the paper that there's likely to be a severe shortage of carrots this year due to the weather. Not in our house there isn't   :D

Been eating our own for about 6 weeks and still have ten buckets of them growing which should give enough for about 60-80 meals. It's been hard work but I've managed to keep most of the veggies watered during this dry spell.
Chatting on the Plot / Re: Advantages from the hot weather.
« Last post by snowdrops on Today at 21:03 »
Iíve had lots of time to sit & enjoy the garden when it was looking good, must say itís not looking so good now
Grow Your Own / Re: Growing potatoes with no dig
« Last post by snowdrops on Today at 20:59 »
Used the rake to harvest some rocket potatoes today, lovely & clean & not too bad a size. So much easier to harvest no dig.
Grow Your Own / Re: 2018 abysmal failures
« Last post by snowdrops on Today at 20:57 »
Parsnips & carrots, 1st sowings were very poor, 2nd sowing a few weeks ago of carrots are through & a lot better, I too gave the parsnips another go but have yet to spot any growth.
On talking to perefect Pete today he assures me that itís jackdaws that have attacked the lower broad bean pods & not rats, so thatís a relief.
Grow Your Own / Re: Growing potatoes with no dig
« Last post by Mr Dog on Today at 20:48 »
Plenty of videos on no dig spuds on the well known video site
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