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Grow Your Own / Re: allotments.
« Last post by Aidy on Today at 20:27 »
May I suggest you contact Andy,I am sure he will offer sone advice. The way we did it here in Blackpool has been reconigsed by many a council wanting to go self managed rather than 3rd party. The email is at the bottom of the page.
Blackpool Federation Allotments - Home
Following is a list of those crops that have grown well in mine. Potatoes, giant onions, leek, carrots, sweet corn, strawberries, celeriac, celery, beetroot, grapevine, lettuce, cabbage, oca plus the usual tomatoes, cucumber etc
Grow Your Own / Re: Early tomato Experiment
« Last post by LILLILEAF on Today at 19:42 »
I have sown 3 types of currant toms today :),can I join in,first time for me to sow seeds in January may be this is a new thing I will sow the onions next week :lol:
i think itís outstanding   When me and dad were choosing produce for the show or harvest festival,weíd choose the outstanding ones 

Iíve got a dig for victory allotment cook book and itís so funny   It alludes to the fact that you probably havenít got a pan left in the house as theyíve all gone for bombs and bullets !  😁
Chatting on the Plot / Re: Next few years, maybe...
« Last post by compostqueen on Today at 19:28 »
If you fight you can win. You have to be organised.  There will be a thread on here about when we were fighting for our site.

We got a copy of Sophie Andrews Allotment Handbook which was brilliant. Itís only a few quid
Get NSALG help !  We couldnít have beaten off the  council without their brilliantly combative legal eagle. The Allotment Act trumps most things 🙂
Thanks for your responses . So I take it root crops like radish beetroot and carrots are okay then ?

Sadly I have a genetic disability that prevents me from ironing. It is easily detected with a test for the Y chromosome. :)

Been a wet old day here but warmer and no strong winds - which is nice.
My pile is still here...

 :lol: :lol:
Chatting on the Plot / Ryton organic garden for sale
« Last post by mumofstig on Today at 18:40 »
So - first their seed business was bought out by Dobies/Suttons
and now the gardens are up for sale

They don't seem to have told members what's gong on - what's happening to HSL, I wonder  :wacko:

Turned to heavy rain now, so all the ironing got done
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