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Good looking plants there Victoria! Super looking fruit too!

The stems are similar to ours, great thick things, which gives me hope, as the fruit presumably demands a decent stalk to hang from, if I'm not mistaken!

Fingers crossed anyway, we had a Hutton note the other day, but so far, so good...
Chatting on the Plot / Re: Talk me out of a second plot PLEASE
« Last post by arh on Today at 19:00 »
That cannot be bad. kind of "have your cake and eat it" :lol:, or "eat your cake and have it,lol"
same here Mum, but without the showers, (they'll be along shortly, by the look of the sky, :D)
The pic down below shows my crimson crush a couple of days ago. They are in great health and some are just starting to turn colour and of course, some are looking very large. I think why I took to crimson crush last year, after having been mainly a greenhouse tomato grower is that I have confidence they will give me a crop despite the worst of blight. That n itself makes it worthwhile growing them, even if they do eventually succumb in late September.
I have sixteen of the monsters and this week's weather is the first real blight test. I have a couple of sacrificial sungolds outside and one might just be showing a bit of trouble, but hopefully not.
Local weather station says it's 18C out there - sure don't feel like it!

It's been grey all day, with just some lighter grey, and light showers now and again.
i have a poop question and trying to post a pic and cant seem to get the image on the post. any help on how to post the pic to the post?
Wetter (heavy rain) and cooler (17C) than forecast - when the weather is changeable I find it more useful looking at the rain radar than the forecasts if I'm planning a spot of outdoor activity. ::)
That was what I hoped you would say.  I'm fit and if you look at it logically I don't have the time for one plot let alone two but being sensible has never held me back in the past and its not going to start now.

we had coffee and cake this morning in the rain and I agreed to take the plot on, he's leaving the bulk of his raspberries and most of the canes.  He is also going to dig up the gooseberries in his garden as he doesn't like them and let me have them.

Life is good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chatting on the Plot / Re: 2040, should be an interesting year!
« Last post by arh on Today at 15:47 »
What make is it Elaine?, or are you not allowed to say. :lol:
Grow Your Own / Re: I hate tree rats.
« Last post by Lardman on Today at 15:28 »
I have a cage trap, and an air rifle.

Much as I hate them I don't think I could actually bring myself to off one, not a caged one up close and personal.  :wub: There are hundreds around here with the park in front and the woods at the back, killing the odd one feels a bit like a drop in the ocean.

Im not sure the neighbours would be too impressed but I'm off to gurgle the legals about shooting them.
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