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Chatting on the Plot / Re: song link ups
« Last post by mumofstig on Today at 16:48 »
The Marriage of Heaven and Hell - Virgin Steele.
Papa's Got A Brand New Bag - James Brown

Chatting on the Plot / Re: song link ups
« Last post by Goosegirl on Today at 16:00 »
The Marriage of Heaven and Hell - Virgin Steele.
Grow Your Own / Re: Too early to plant out tomatoes???
« Last post by miggs on Today at 14:58 »
I will probably put a dozen or so out over this weekend.
The rest of them will have to catch up first, another couple of weeks at least.
I have got approx 40 in total, spread over 3 types.
Grow Your Own / Re: Digging potatoes yet?
« Last post by miggs on Today at 14:56 »
Not a chance. Now I might have put mine a bit later than most, but mine are only through the ground by about 6 inches. 2 varieties where planted, King Edward and Charlotte.
Grow Your Own / Re: In a bind...
« Last post by Auntiemogs on Today at 14:55 »
Lovely to see you back on the wires again!
Off topic, but the hoyas are still going, but need to bloom yet!
(Sorry to interfere Rookie, Auntie and I are old/young chums)!
Back to Rookie's bindweed - I've noticed a lot more in one particular place recently, and as we've kicked out a lot of stuff where it all grows, I can see some opportunities to clobber it all where it hurts, so your post is very timely!
Good afternoon Mr G!  :D

Thank you, I hope you're both well?   :) 

Yes, they do need a fair amount of light to flower (which I don't have, I'm afraid).  Still, I have another 5 to pass on now (and 3 more rooting).... :lol:
Grow Your Own / Re: Digging potatoes yet?
« Last post by azubah on Today at 14:25 »
Not me. There doesn't seem to be enough leafy growth on mine yet.
Grow Your Own / Re: Blueberries - lots of leaf no flowers
« Last post by JayG on Today at 13:33 »
Just to complete the set, one of my two now rather ancient blueberry bushes has plenty of leaves but few flowers, the other the exact opposite. Obviously won't get much off the one with few flowers, and can't see the other one being able to develop and ripen all the berries with hardly any leaves to sustain it.

The second one mentioned has always been more prolific than the other one, but why they should both be struggling but in such different ways is completely beyond me.  :unsure:
Grow Your Own / Re: French Dwarf beans
« Last post by AnneB on Today at 13:11 »
I was explaining my logic and experience DD, not yours  :)
In comparison, compost or no, it's faff, it's time, and just another thing for me to trip over
Just like peas, draw furrows, chuck your seed in, and cover it up. Unlike peas, when the seedlings are expected to emerge, protect from slugs.

On an aside, your deep cat litter tray thing got me searching for a new leek system, and I've had huge success this year with sowing leeks in a clump in the greenhouse border prior to transplanting.......... the deepest cat litter tray I could find.
It was me who mentioned pots VP.   I do use old Longley Farm yogurt pots but also large cell trays.  I don't grow enough beans of 1 type to warrant shoving a load in a tray  - I like to try different varieties.   This year for runners I am growing Perfection plus Greek Gigantes butter type runner beans.  For climbing French beans I am doing Purple Blue Lake, Poletschka, Cherokee Trail of Tears, Cara la Virgen Baneza de Leon and Borlotti.   For dwarf French Beans I am doing Black Turtle, Dragon's Tongue (a few of those for the seed circle), Sonesta, Cannellini and Hutterite Pea Soup.   We like our variety here!  I don't have room to shove all of these in a tray each, either for the trays or that number of plants when planted out, so pots or cells do for me.   Now leeks are in trays and peas go direct.
Mine are about 4 years old too and mine aren't looking great this year. Very few flowers and two aren't looking very leafy either. Admittedly mine haven't been fertilised as much as they probably should have been but it looks like it might not be a great year for blueberries.
Chatting on the Plot / Re: Sparrows
« Last post by JayG on Today at 10:05 »
A lot more than last year, despite quite a large section of next door's overgrown hedge being cut down last year where they used to nest (plenty of other overgrown hedges round these parts though.  ::))

One of them (it may be two different ones - they all look the same to me  ;)) has twice flown into my greenhouse through the automatic vent and then been unable to work out how to reverse the manoeuvre. If it's the same one, they are in danger of being regarded as having even less brain power than wood pigeons!  :lol:

I now have to decide whether to gamble on whether I'll get away with not having to net my runner beans on the Munty frame to stop the little darlings pecking off the shoots and flowers.  :unsure:
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