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Chatting on the Plot / Re: What's for tea? 2018
« Last post by John on Today at 02:06 »
I was babysitting tonight and got a lovely hot chicken biryani made by my sprog. Gave me a chance to try out my experiment which I'm calling John's Evil Hot Chilli Pickle as well :) Best of all, grandsprog didn't wake up so a peaceful evening in front of the telly with 2 moggies fighting for prime spot on my lap.
Grow Your Own / Re: New garden/ field start
« Last post by John on Today at 00:45 »
Just a few thoughts:
Sarpo Mira are very vigorous but I'd  give them 50/50 in those circumstances at best. If you could get it ploughed beforehand it could work out well with Mira. Another option might be to plant through weed membrane. The membrane will stop the weed pressure and so the Mira will get going.
Another option would be to spray it off. In view of the reports over the last year I don't feel comfortable suggesting glyphosate but Neudorff do a translocating weedkiller that is made from pelargoniums that you can plant after the next day. I'm trialling it at the moment and it seems fairly effective.
With Mira you can give a wider row and spacing than most maincrops. I'd go 60cm apart in rows 90cm. Mira is very dense and resists slugs so it may be a good one to plant if there is a lot of wireworm.
Chatting on the Plot / Re: Fishing Season 2018
« Last post by MarkC on Yesterday at 22:43 »
Having sorted out the Storm Ali damage, I managed a day on the river yesterday and doubled the season's catch with two slightly coloured hen fish at 7lb and 4lb, both returned. Definitely a challenging season up here, still waiting to get a cock fish to smoke for Christmas, looks likely to be a rainbow now!

Have fished about the same hours as last year, but only 1/3 of the result.....still the allotment has been bountiful this year.
We had about 50mm of rain in the 24 hours to lunchtime yesterday.

We had plans to strim some vacant plots this afternoon, which went by the wayside .. !

And it's chilly!
Chatting on the Plot / Re: Batten down the hatches! Storm Helene
« Last post by Yorkie on Yesterday at 22:27 »
"Ironing".   :wacko:

"Ironing".   ??? :blush:

What is this thing of which you speak?  :wub:
Chatting on the Plot / Re: Batten down the hatches! Storm Helene
« Last post by mumofstig on Yesterday at 22:25 »
Oh dear, housework is definitely bad for you, especially ironing! I'm always trapping my fingers in the ironing board  ::)
Glad your foot is on the mend and you are back to normal, transport-wise  :)
Chatting on the Plot / Re: The punks annivesary...
« Last post by Yorkie on Yesterday at 22:23 »
Happy Anniversary for yesterday Aidy  :D
Chatting on the Plot / Re: Batten down the hatches! Storm Helene
« Last post by Yorkie on Yesterday at 22:19 »
Thanks for the reminder!
I may have a rather soggy and windy trip to the fracture clinic in the morning  :ohmy:
Are you anticipating falling over in the dark while greenhouse bound  :D, or have you already hurt yourself  :ohmy:


Broke a couple of bones in my foot 6 weeks ago when I slipped on a screwdriver I'd left on the stairs it would all have been fine if I wasn't holding sheets in order to do the washing.  So, DIY is absolutely fine but housework is bad for you (the screwdriver would have caused no problems at all if I hadn't been doing the housework!).

Fracture clinic said I could take the air boot off, so today I have managed to start the car first time (it's been sitting on the drive for a month) and went shopping, hurrah!  :D
Chatting on the Plot / Re: Smart Meters
« Last post by Yorkie on Yesterday at 22:13 »
Others have already mentioned things such as automated billing and potential ability in the future to charge according to time of day usage.

The current crop of smart meters are SMETS 1.0.  They only provide updates to the company that was supplying your fuel when they were installed, so when you move suppliers they go 'dumb' and you have to provide manual readings again.

The government had put a deadline for suppliers to stop installing SMETS 1.0 and start installing the new SMETS 2.0 meters by this summer.  That was put back a few months, I think, and is likely to slip further.  I think there is also a deadline for all houses to have been offered smart meters by 2020 (don't quote me on this).

SMETS 2.0 works differently; it communicates with a central hub via different technology (I think), so that
it is not dependent on who your supplier is.  If you move supplier, the meter doesn't change.

If you want to have a smart meter, don't bother until you can have a guarantee it will be a SMETS 2.0.

The companies are legally obliged to offer you a smart meter but you are not obliged to agree, as noted earlier in the thread.
Grow Your Own / Re: New garden/ field start
« Last post by mumofstig on Yesterday at 22:03 »
The traditional way of planting into an unploughed field was by making 'lazy beds'. Still involves a bit of digging, but much less work than clearing the whole field, I think.
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