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Grow Your Own / Re: Problem with B&Q Verve Grobags?
« Last post by juvenal on Today at 18:27 »
No complaints from me with B&Q Verve big bags. I always raise everything in that particular compost and everything does well.
General Gardening / Re: Pleased with the Buddlia
« Last post by mrs bouquet on Today at 17:51 »
Photo - well at the moment, I have taken the pic, taken the card out of the camera and put it in laptop, but cannot get any further.  It won't go onto the laptop.  Is me doing it wrong I expect  ::)If I could upload it I know how to get it from laptop onto our site (I think).   I'll have another go, it'll be there eventually. Mrs Bouquet
Grow Your Own / Re: Problem with B&Q Verve Grobags?
« Last post by Potty Plotty Lotty on Today at 17:36 »
Seems like I had a lucky escape. I normally use Verve growbags  emptied into  pots for my tomatoes but had lots of Wickes multipurpose around so used that instead.
Grow Your Own / Re: Daily Harvest 2018
« Last post by Potty Plotty Lotty on Today at 17:34 »
First of the potatoes: 340g from a Duke of York plant. Flavour OK.
Grow Your Own / Re: Spray or dig?????
« Last post by Notty1975 on Today at 17:33 »
Spray leave for 2 weeks spray again then cover in black plastic till ready to use or dig over
Chatting on the Plot / Re: Mystery pic competition...
« Last post by hamstergbert on Today at 17:08 »
Pound shop clearance grappling hooks....

Hooks for holding warthogs' nostrils open whilst administering veterinarian sinex....

A Turner prize winning exhibit entitled "Tracy Emin's allotment bits"...

Anchors for mooring really, really light vessels on sandy channel beds.....

Divining rods for use when dowsing for mercury springs.....

The wooden bit for inserting in warthogs from astern *ahem* to make their eyes pop whilst administering veterinarian optrex....

Links for attaching trousers belt loops to crane hoists to assist in pulling them up when the pockets contain excessive amounts of coins....

Wire hooks slipped on the end of the wooden handle to help transport loops of hose when you can't be bothered to wind said hose onto the reel.....

For use scraping down blackboards to set your classes' teeth on edge......

Handle for balancing on the top of the open shed door with spade hooked on one side and fork the other so that when one tool is lifted off, the other falls off on the other side of the door with an amusing clatter.....

The left over bits after assembling an Argos wardrobe....

I'll get me coat.
Grow Your Own / Re: Spray or dig?????
« Last post by mumofstig on Today at 16:28 »
How about no dig and no spray?
Cover it all with cardboard and then put a good covering of compost on top and leave to plant later (maybe next year). Weeds will be smothered and cardboard will rot so you can plant through the compost without any digging.

As I always say, great idea if you have, or can afford to buy, that much compost  ;)
Chatting on the Plot / Re: Mystery pic competition...
« Last post by Growster... on Today at 16:24 »
You - er - were on the right track Snows..;0)
Grow Your Own / Re: Check Your Garlic..
« Last post by AnneB on Today at 16:22 »
Thanks for the tip Mum.  I have got 4 varieties growing and the Germidour were ready when I looked today.  The Messidrome, Printanor and Edenrose haven't split into cloves yet so I will leave them a while longer.
Grow Your Own / Re: Early tomato Experiment 2018
« Last post by mumofstig on Today at 16:22 »
Yes, you're right Mum, they are tough, and I'm still convinced that they've got their blurb wrong by saying the vines are grown up to 15 metres high...
If you look at their virtual tour you can see how the long stems are laid along the rows, round the end and then back up to the roof again  :ohmy:
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