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Grow Your Own / Re: Parsnips
« Last post by sunshineband on Today at 08:46 »
Very nice,lovely & clean, Iíve spied a whopper on my plot, no idea how long it is though, Iíll measure across the top....probably be 2 ď long 😂😂

 :lol: :lol: :lol: We have some of those every year and last year all five I'd "saved" to dig Christmas Eve were that model  :(

Luckily there were some smaller but straight ones in the ground

Freefolk, Gladiator is an excellent parsnip and they stand well too
Chatting on the Plot / Re: How to see news one really wants...
« Last post by JayG on Today at 08:44 »
If I were able to filter out all news items which were distressing, apparently endless, about celeb culture, or inaccurately reported, I'd be back browsing before I'd even started!  :wub:
Grow Your Own / Re: The no dig option!!!!
« Last post by DHM on Today at 08:23 »
I like the concept but there's no way I'd be able to source enough compost each year.
Grow Your Own / Re: The no dig option!!!!
« Last post by JayG on Today at 08:08 »
A recent discussion about no dig:
Stop digging, its bad for you! in Grow Your Own - Page 1 of 2

You may have missed it as it has 'dropped off' the first page.  ;)
Grow Your Own / The no dig option!!!!
« Last post by alexroyall85 on Today at 07:44 »
Morning all

Have just read an article about no dig vs digging. Very interesting and informative and was wondering if any people had any ideas about it. And if people are using this system and if it has benefited the way people grow.

Looking forward to hearing about it
General Gardening / Re: Fungus
« Last post by SherryWright on Today at 05:58 »
Soil fungus may be minimized by simply pouring boiling water on small areas that are affected. Neem seeds prevent fungus growth. Bicarbonate of soda or milk spray may be used to treat leaf problems including rust, mildew, and types of fungus. if still the problem troubles you, consult pest control services for more help.
Frugal Living / Re: Bargain hunting and finding
« Last post by SherryWright on Today at 05:55 »
Have you got one??
General Gardening / Re: Chrysanthemum bugs
« Last post by SherryWright on Today at 05:54 »
Thanks for the information.
Grow Your Own / Re: Crimson Crush tomato
« Last post by DHM on Today at 04:51 »
Reading with interest since the blight incident on our plot this year... sound too good to be true; great flavour, size & zero blight?

I've read these are indeterminate but can be grown as bush types owing to the small number of side shoots, has anyone tried growing them as a bush type? What was the yield like?
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