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Chatting on the Plot / Re: song link ups
« Last post by oldgrunge on Yesterday at 20:16 »
In The Mood - Glenn Miller
Welcome to the Forums / Re: Newbie in Manchester
« Last post by snowdrops on Yesterday at 19:48 »
Haha, good story, as youíve found it can sneak up & bite you when you least expect it. No finer hobby.
Grow Your Own / Re: Please advice on planting on beetroot
« Last post by snowdrops on Yesterday at 19:45 »
Pleased to be of service 😊.
 Iíll look out for the courgette ?
Chatting on the Plot / Re: song link ups
« Last post by snowdrops on Yesterday at 19:43 »
Iím in the Mood for Dancing, Tina Charles
Grow Your Own / Peas and broad beans unusually short
« Last post by AnneB on Yesterday at 19:19 »
I am growing my usual Wizard Field Beans and 3 varieties of peas this year.  A big row of Stokesley that normally gets to about 5 foot in height plus Rosakrone and Kent Blue that are normally in the 4 to 5 foot bracket.  The field beans normally get to about 5 ft.
This year the field beans are around 2- 3 ft tall.  Stokesley peas are 3.5 to 4 ft. Rosakrone and Kent Blue to 3 ft.
All the plants seem very healthy and are loaded with flowers.
I have fed with chicken manure pellets and now comfrey tea.

Why are they so short??

All brassicas are fine.  Beetroot a bit feeble too
Chatting on the Plot / Re: Happy Summer Soltice Everyone
« Last post by mrs bouquet on Yesterday at 18:54 »
How do you know I am still wearing it, I only bought it in 1965 !  Mrs Bouquet
I did get BT's call protect then realised that U3A members wanting to join our walking group couldn't get through to me !! Cancelled it and getting a few dodgy ones again but son is US still can't through on scype
That recognising numbers on call display no good to me as you have to remember numbers to recognise them !!. Life gets very complicated sometimes doesn't it ?
Chatting on the Plot / Re: song link ups
« Last post by oldgrunge on Yesterday at 16:58 »
Jig a Jig - East of Eden
Grow Your Own / Re: A few questions
« Last post by juvenal on Yesterday at 15:15 »
Picked all my broad beans yesterday. Blackfly everywhere. Dunked the lot in a bucket of butt water. Fished the beans out, and the blackfly stay in the water. Shelled the beans. All perfect. Into bags in the freezer.

Job done.
Grow Your Own / Re: Keeping apples away from rabbits
« Last post by Lardman on Yesterday at 14:30 »
I doubt you'll find anything off the shelf, but T&M and Marshalls do a version for climbing plants, I don't imagine it would be beefy enough for fruit but the design should help.  It's essentially festooning upsidedown  ;)
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