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Grow Your Own / Outdoor Tomatoes
« Last post by Rocinante on Today at 09:56 »
This years our outdoor Toms were not very good, a neighbor said it was rain damage. While looking in other peoples gardens I noticed Tomato plots with roofs on them, anyone else do this.
General Gardening / Storing Cannas
« Last post by Eblana on Today at 09:42 »
Hi folks, I have two lovely Cannas that I want to store in the pots that they are in for the winter.  There is still a good bit of foliage on them, do I cut this back?  Can I store them under the staging in the greenhouse or should they be in the shed which is darker.
Sunny! 10 and breezy but sunny!
Another  mild night, min of 11C, but the sky is grey and it feels heavy IYKWIM. Forecast: temp to stay the same all day with a 10% chance of rain. Boring  :nowink:
Chatting on the Plot / Re: Water supply
« Last post by mumofstig on Today at 09:18 »
Was the site previously run by the Council? If so, they may still be paying the bill.
Chatting on the Plot / Re: How to see news one really wants...
« Last post by Lardman on Today at 09:08 »
If I were able to filter out all news items which were distressing, apparently endless, about celeb culture, or inaccurately reported, I'd be back browsing before I'd even started!  :wub:

That just about sums up 'news' feeds.

I've just about given up with main stream media as I have no interest in celeb/royal culture and the 3 stories on constant repeat on BBC news 24 is just annoying.

It's not exactly impartial but is always worth a look.
Grow Your Own / Re: The no dig option!!!!
« Last post by Veg Plot 1B on Today at 08:59 »
Yes I follow it and it works for me...Looking forward to going to Charles Dowdings lecture tomorrow.
Grow Your Own / Re: strawberries
« Last post by samuria on Today at 08:55 »
that's what i thought ....when is the best time
to get new plants  :unsure:
Chatting on the Plot / Re: Feedback frenzy
« Last post by sunshineband on Today at 08:53 »
Most things I buy are "OK", which is hardly either worthy of my time to say so, or someone else's time to read. I only give feedback if the article/service is outstanding or there have been significant issues that, had I known about, I would have not gone ahead

I have never been banned from any buying site for not giving enough feedback  :lol: :lol:
Chatting on the Plot / Re: Water supply
« Last post by sunshineband on Today at 08:48 »
Hello and welcome  :D Be good to know more about your site, and you own plot too when you have time

Are you sure the water comes from the mains? I only ask as ours has a bore hole source
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