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DIY one - the videos are a bit longwinded but basic info is there  :D

Grow Your Own / Re: Plants easy to grow
« Last post by Toosje on Today at 08:59 »
You can sort of grow anything from seeds that suits the climate. Avocado's or mango's do sprout and grow, but I haven't met any one yet who got a fruit.. I don't know wether it is possible.

What is good to know is that fruits are mostly budded (a bit of a cultivated fruittree is put in a strong base, like roses) and when you use the pit of that apple, or peach, or cherry, you won't get the apple peach or cherry you just ate.
Same can go for pumpkins. Some varieties are a mixture and when sowing the seed from you bought pumpkin or the produce of your bought plant, the result might not be as satisfying.

I would say just go ahead and try, just anything your taste goes for :)
Like DHM said: radishes are easy, like pumpkins, zucchini, cabbages but use some calcium with them, the plain lettuce varieties (the romanesco's seem a bit harder to grow), peas and beans (beautiful flowers as well), tomatoes but the plants like a roof, calendula, camomille, sun flowers (very popular among snails so when a lot of them around, sow and wait with planting until bigger), Tropaeolum magus (cappuccino plant?) lots and lots of eatable flowers, Aquilegia (columbine?), raspberries (are easier to grow from a bit of root but spread by seed as well), thyme, parsley, basil..

Enjoy! :)
Chatting on the Plot / Re: song link ups
« Last post by madcat on Today at 08:57 »
Poison Arrow - ABC
Grow Your Own / Re: Problem with B&Q Verve Grobags?
« Last post by mumofstig on Today at 08:37 »
Even the reviews on the Been & Queued site aren't good, and now you agree with them  ;)

Generally nowadays, most composts and Growbags only supply enough fertiliser for 4-6 weeks growth, although some are better than others as you've found, after that you have to feed the plants regularly. Seems like you'll need to feed the Verve ones regularly, from now on to get any crops this year.
Was the difference in price between the 2 types worth buying an extra bottle of tomato food for Verve ones - or will you stick with the ones from Notcutts?
Grow Your Own / Re: Spray or dig?????
« Last post by DHM on Today at 07:58 »
Just in case my earlier comment sounded preachy, I just wanted to make clear that I have no problem with weedkiller use - it's just not for me. We all do this for different reasons, mine is  that I love growing my own veg organically, I'm not for a minute suggesting everyone boycotts weedkiller, just putting across that chemical-free is better in my opinion.
Grow Your Own / Re: help; ants nest in my potato container
« Last post by DHM on Today at 07:40 »
Grind black pepper over the top of the soil, the little * can't stand it! :wacko:
We've successfully banished them from the house by creating 'barriers' around window and door frames, inside the upvc cavities the windows/doors close into.

I once treated an ant laden planter full of soil to a black pepper 'shower' and the next day, not only had the ants completely disappeared but their eggs had too, the pesky nutters probably carrying them off as they legged it.
Chatting on the Plot / Re: Mystery pic competition...
« Last post by snowdrops on Today at 07:25 »
A device to carry more carrier bags in one hand, the wood goes through the loops in the metal & you hook your bags on the hooks on the metal?
Or more likely you assemble it the same way & itís to hang something off, maybe your bicycle to take to the patch?
Grow Your Own / Re: Plants easy to grow
« Last post by DHM on Today at 07:20 »
What sort of plants? The easiest to grow I think are radishes; seed to plate in as little as 4 weeks, loads of varieties and they taste great too!

I once managed to get a Mango plant to germinate from seed, grew to about 4 inches then stopped, and about 2 years later it just keeled over... nice plant it was, lovely dark green leaves.
Grow Your Own / Re: Problem with B&Q Verve Grobags?
« Last post by DHM on Today at 07:13 »
To my mind, you have a side by side comparison there; the B&Q ones don't appear to be much cop. If the Notcutt ones are working for you, I'd stick with those in future. ;)
Chatting on the Plot / Mystery pic competition...
« Last post by Growster... on Today at 04:50 »
Time for the grey matter to get going...

A Growster Inc. invention, but what is it/are they?
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