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Title: Haybox cooking?
Post by: Toosje on May 24, 2018, 16:21
Just out of curiosity: Does any one of you cook with something like a wonder bag or a real old fashion box with hay?

I started slow cooking rice, potatoes, beans, veg etc a few months ago when, again, my gas bottle ran out in the middle of cooking (yes.. I forgot to buy a spare one) and absolutely love it! Then I switched to an old one unit electric cooker and a big towel.
At this moment I use a big towel with a fleece blanket, but consider buying a real one.

If you do, please show me yours!  :)
Title: Re: Haybox cooking?
Post by: grinling on May 24, 2018, 22:28
BBC a few years back did Wartime Kitchen Garden and Ruth Goodbody used a straw box
Title: Re: Haybox cooking?
Post by: snowdrops on May 25, 2018, 09:06
Iíve heard of it & seen it on the programs mentioned but thatís all.
Title: Re: Haybox cooking?
Post by: madcat on May 25, 2018, 09:54
These are big in the caravaning community (  They seem like a good idea, but a heck of a price to do what you are doing with an existing pan and a fleece!  Might be some good ideas that you can use...

My dad used to talk about using a haybox for scouts ... but somehow never got round to demonstrating it!  :D
Title: Re: Haybox cooking?
Post by: Toosje on May 25, 2018, 11:45
Haha it's most old days association! Not very common thus :)

Grinling, 26 years ago I threw out my telly: it was boring me. I don't think I can watch BBC through the internet without some registration and fee. Which is a shame actually: BBC has some good programs, if I recall correct.

Wow, that is so much money, Madcat, and very limited in use! Especially since the mobile cooker with gas bottle was until we finish our kitchen and buy a cooker..
What I like about my 'pan and fleece system' is, I can go on piling things up and this way make soup, potatoes, vegetable, add the gravy to keep warm and finish some protein dish. It doesn't cost me extra time: most veg have a shorter cooking time than potatoes anyway. I just turn the lid up side down of the pan on the bottom and pile the other one on top :lol:
When I cook beans, I soak them over night, bring them to a boil in the morning and in the evening there is a pot of beans ready to use. They get much softer and moist on the inside this way.

Haha I should start selling this  :lol:

I was looking at these: though cheaper still a lot of money, but what I like about it, is that someone in South Africa, who would normally cook over open fire gets one to.