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Growing in Greenhouses & Polytunnels / Re: Tomato failure
« Last post by mumofstig on Yesterday at 21:50 »
1 looks like slug damage to me.
2.It's Blossom end rot - very common this year because of the very hot weather, specially in greenhouses/polytunnels.
It's caused by not watering enough  or not regularly enough. It's no good giving a heavy watering and then leaving them til they dry out completely, before watering again, cos this is what can happen:(
Growing in Greenhouses & Polytunnels / Re: Tomato failure
« Last post by Lardman on Yesterday at 21:44 »
Picture 1
Looks like bug damage has resulted in bacterial infection and it's gone bad.
Picture 2
Is blossom end rot. If I recall correctly it's a calcium deficiency usually caused by irregular watering. This years heat has caused lots of problems with it.
Growing in Greenhouses & Polytunnels / Tomato failure
« Last post by graemek on Yesterday at 21:40 »

We've been having real problems with our greenhouse tomatoes this year. Fruits form ok but serm to go bad whilst turning red with splits and black marks (see photos)

Any idea what's causing this and how to avoid in future much appreciated

Pets without Feathers / Molly the cat caught something, again!
« Last post by mumofstig on Yesterday at 21:12 »
Oh my! Crashing and banging about upstairs  :ohmy: oh no, not another mouse or frog again!

It was a tiny rodent, hiding inside my slipper  :lol:  Managed to catch it inside by covering the slipper, and let it loose under the hedge, and kept Molly inside for now ::)  I hope it has gone somewhere safe by the morning. Identified it now as a shrew, I've never seen one of those close before, a pretty little thing  :)
Grow Your Own / Re: Courgettes have stopped producing
« Last post by oldgrunge on Yesterday at 20:38 »
Agree with MrDog. Had the same problem with greenhouse cucumbers a couple of years ago. Came back from holiday to find neighbour had left cucumbers to become enormous. Cut them off and fed the plants, and in a couple of weeks they started producing again. But they were never as productive as previously.
Grow Your Own / Re: Tomatoes won't redden!
« Last post by oldgrunge on Yesterday at 20:34 »
Think it's probably the hot weather. Mine were slow until about a week ago, now it's cooled down a lot, they're starting to ripen.
Chatting on the Plot / Re: song link ups
« Last post by oldgrunge on Yesterday at 20:28 »
Autumn Almanac - The Kinks
General Gardening / Achillea
« Last post by mrs bouquet on Yesterday at 19:56 »
I fancy having these in my garden next year.   "Summerwine" is a beautiful colour, as are the pastel shades as well.   They always remind me of tapestry work,  (which I hope my flower beds look like  ::)
Will they do alright here in the shallow top soil, and will they need to be staked.  Somebody told me they are prone to mildew.  Are there any other things to be aware of  before next weekend,when I am going to a brilliant plant fair.    Thanks,  Mrs Bouquet
Chatting on the Plot / Re: which is more economic ?
« Last post by mrs bouquet on Yesterday at 19:46 »
Thanks everybody.  Mrs B
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