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Chatting on the Plot / Re: mobile phone coverage
« Last post by grinling on Yesterday at 23:01 »
Ours depend on where you are in the house. Upstairs and back garden is 2 bars, which is good (tesco, EE, asda)
Found tesco would not work in france!!.
I do pay as you go and use messenger at home free wifi. Daughter Skypes her friends (free). Hubby uses free BT wifi hotspots as well as normal data use, I have data turned off.
Some allow you to try before full commitment
Design and Construction / Re: Crumbling concrete fence post
« Last post by grinling on Yesterday at 22:51 »
If you make a form in several sections to match the concrete post, then bash out the concrete leaving the metal rod. Use the form and fill with new concrete adding forms as you go until the desired height. Put wood wedges in to stop the fence moving.
General Gardening / Re: A Rat Run
« Last post by grinling on Yesterday at 22:41 »
They have probably made a nest as it is nice and warm inside. A rat trap would help, spring loaded works well with choc stuck on it.
Weld mesh underneath stops them coming into the bin.
Design and Construction / Crumbling concrete fence post
« Last post by pottylotty1 on Yesterday at 21:24 »
I have 3 4ft wooden fence panels which are around 12 years old. The panels have weathered quite well but the middle concrete posts have crumbled mainly due to the panel being rocked in the high winds. Unfortunately, the post cannot be taken out easily as its between my neighbours block paving and our concrete imprint driveway. Is there a way the post can be fixed???
Chatting on the Plot / Re: Allotment politics
« Last post by Eblana on Yesterday at 21:24 »
We had an ‘up cycler’ who was raiding all the sheds on the site last year, he has left now so we are all trying to locate our stuff that was taken for up cycling funny how all the good stuff is gone and there is only a heap of rubbish left.

Also had one guy who swore he was strictly organic, he never had a weed or a spot of blight unlike the rest of us, when he left we found enough chemicals in his shed to keep the whole site weed and pest free for the next 10 years.  We discovered off the site owner that he used to be there at 6 in the morning before anyone else was there spraying everything.
Chatting on the Plot / Re: Allotment politics
« Last post by upert on Yesterday at 21:02 »
Ha ha! That type of thing happens with us. Someone obviously steals something yet gets away with it as no one wants a scene. Trouble is that's a thieves charter, once they cotton on no one will take action they get more brazen. If you say we should do something you're seen as more of a problem than the thief. It took me far too long to realise this
Grow Your Own / Re: Chillies and Tomato's over wintered.
« Last post by upert on Yesterday at 20:56 »
I tried overwintering chillies and found I agreed with Bob Flowerdew that it's easier to sow new. Still, had to experiment. Rather save myself the space (he type as he ruefully look at the two trays of chilli plants on the windowsill).

Whilst here: does anyone know who that is that bores into one's peppers leaving a tiny hole and little other evidence? Slightly annoying yet I still eat them.
General Gardening / Re: A Rat Run
« Last post by madcat on Yesterday at 20:53 »
This long cold winter has seen folk have problems with rats where they have never been known before.  They chewed through one of our decking boards to get at the (warmer, dry) underfloor space.  Should be gone for wilder places now, but worth thinking about steel reinforcing of that bin for next year if it is cold. 
Chatting on the Plot / Re: Allotment politics
« Last post by Plot 1 Problems on Yesterday at 20:52 »
Mercifully our site is small and peacefull, with no comittee, just a site rep and a couple of guys who help him out.
Only odd thing that happened was last year when one old boy decided to load up half of his neighbours compost heap into his wheel barrow and add it to his own, with no explanation or reason. We were so gobsmacked no one said anything.
Grow Your Own / Red onions
« Last post by upert on Yesterday at 20:50 »
Anyone else find them difficult? Never as big as the 'normal' coloured onions - stuttgarter, sturon. Talked to four other recently and we all found the same. Ever the optimist I'm trying again this year.
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