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We need some (overnight!) rain

We got some - lots and lots of it in fact.  It was hammering down so hard it woke me a couple of times.  Pretty grey and drippy out there at the moment, but I'm sure the plot and garden loved it :)
This is absolutely true...

That lovely mild man-mountain, Willy-John McBride was captaining the Lions down under a few years ago.

As to be expected, there was a little ribaldry in the bar, which got worse and worse as the lemonade shandies vanished down the throats of our brave warriors!

The hotel manager desperately rushed up to McBrid'es bedroom, and found him on his bed, smoking his pipe and writing a few postcards.

"For God's sake, Willy, come and calm this lot down, they're wrecking the place", shrieked the manager. "If you can't control them, I'm calling the police and they'll chuck you all out"!

Willy thought for a few seconds, puffed his pipe a bit then enquired, "And exactly how many policemen will there be arriving may I ask"?

What a great guy!
Chatting on the Plot / Re: 6weeks
« Last post by Growster... on Today at 04:54 »
Ended up at walk n centre last night with this knee, its not getting any better, in fact if I sit for 5 mins and try to get up and straighten it the pan level ncreases somewhat.
After a little exam they think what I was thnking, damaged MCl, poss damage Patella, need now to be referred by the gp for a MRI to be sure and what extent the damage is.
However (now I have calmed down) the gp practice said there was no notes as yet on my record from the visit and they need to wait for that, this could take upto the 29th! I cannot book an appointment  in advance I have to wait for them to contact me (not what was said last night) then it could be upto 2 weeks for a date for the scan and a further 2 weeks for the results!
I love the NHS, its the best thing since sliced bread but do wonder if the world is a better place with private medical insurance (something I will look into I think now I am of that age).
Commiserations and good luck with getting it sorted, Aidy. Private healthcare is fantastic, I had it all the time I was at work but the cost, once I was at retirement age - was horrendous  :ohmy:

Benenden's still quite reasonable, Mum. About a tenner a head a month, and the wheezes are to get referred via the NHS, then pay nothing, or very little.
Grow Your Own / Re: What I did on the plot today 2018
« Last post by chillimummy on Yesterday at 23:03 »
Planted red cabbage plants and watered in.
Sprinkled onion feed onto my onion sets.
One old path left that weeds have grown through weed fabric. Started pulling up biggest of weeds and will pull up fabric tomorrow and put new down.
Need another trip to get more chippings for new paths.
Chatting on the Plot / Re: song link ups
« Last post by mumofstig on Yesterday at 21:14 »
Just the Way You Are - Bruno Mars
Chatting on the Plot / Re: 6weeks
« Last post by John on Yesterday at 20:53 »
Aidy - great doctors, nurses and ancillary staff - hemmed in by a system that values paper results above real. Private healthcare... well my opinion is that the private sector is more efficient and generally offers good results. But if things pickle, it's the NHS who save the patient.
If you can cherry pick the easy then being more cost efficient is easy.
The Hen House / Re: Bird Flu 2018
« Last post by LosPollosHermanos on Yesterday at 20:35 »
DEFRA's latest rapid risk assessment has downgraded the risk of bird flu in wild birds to low.

The NFU online site is predicting that Avian Influenza Prevention Zone may be lifted shortly but that is yet to be confirmed. Unless there's another outbreak it seems likely to be lifted in the coming weeks.

General Gardening / Re: Bluebells
« Last post by sunshineband on Yesterday at 20:29 »
If the way wild seed sows itself and germinates, I would think it would be a very good way of rapidly increasing your plants. Buying from a reputable source to ensure they are genuine English Bluebells is something I guess you would do anyway.

Just one other thought: the seeds do need Winter to break their dormancy, and it does take several years before plants are large enough to flower
20C, sunny, calm and a glorious day. We need some (overnight!) rain
Chatting on the Plot / Re: song link ups
« Last post by Plot 1 Problems on Yesterday at 19:11 »
I don't remember anymore - Status Quo
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