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Grow Your Own / Re: Wishing one's life away?
« Last post by arh on Today at 07:38 »
I'm with you there Mos, but I suspect most country brought up people are, it's not so noticeable with all the street-light in towns.
Grow Your Own / Re: help with very wet clay soil
« Last post by ARPoet on Today at 07:35 »
My garden is heavy clay, but since i covered the beds with cardboard and then rotted manure and woodchips a few years ago things have improved massively. I now don't dig at all.
Its not a quick fix, but worth it
The Notice Board / Re: Forum Upgrade
« Last post by Plot 1 Problems on Today at 00:05 »
No problems, glad it was of use!
Chatting on the Plot / Re: The Daily Funny - Give us a Laugh!
« Last post by John on Today at 00:04 »
We were showing some friends around the area, not rushing at all - in fact I pulled over a couple of times to let others past who were in a hurry. Couple of weeks later the ticket arrived - I thought I was able to do 60 but it was one of those villages consisting of 5 houses and a pub around a main road and a 30mph sign.
I was doing a little over 30 so got offered the course option.
It was obvious they were trying really hard to fill the time allotted and it really dragged. But it did change my attitude in one way - I no longer feel obliged to speed up because others want to go faster. If it's a 30 or 40 limit, I do it. Big queue behind me? Tough. Then again, I'm rarely in a hurry nowadays and if I do slip over Val's happy to point it out loudly :)

However, another true and funny story..

It was our wedding anniversary and I was working late - about 11pm. I grabbed a box of chocs from the garage and was pushing home through a wet Birmingham night. Just heading onto the slip road for the M6 when the blue light appeared  behind me. Pulled onto the hard shoulder and the policeman knocked on the passenger window.
Got the usual sarcastic question "What's the rush?" - quick as a flash I pointed at the box of Milk Tray on the dash and said "Because the lady loves..."
He actually laughed but I could see I wasn't clear yet. Since it was pouring with rain, I suggested he get in the car to book me and he did. Then he asked if I'd been in the pub so I explained I'd been working (sales) and it was our anniversary and I was going to be in so much hot water but needed the sale.
Well blow me down - he started on about how his wife didn't understand him and the pressures of the job and so forth.
About an hour later the rain had eased off so he thanked me for the chat, cautioned me to be a better driver and went back to his car. No ticket!!! RESULT
So an hour's drive later I got home. She doesn't like milk chocs, dinner is in the cat and I might have been better off banged up in a cell overnight.
Grow Your Own / Re: help with very wet clay soil
« Last post by juvenal on Yesterday at 22:35 »
This is just the time of year to start a leaf mould bin.....
Chatting on the Plot / Re: excellent biographies
« Last post by Tenhens on Yesterday at 21:45 »
A few years ago  , quite a few in fact , I read Charles Darwin - a good read and also Ian Fleming.

Just finished Mary Boleyn , Ann's sister , who got entangled with Henry V111.
Chatting on the Plot / Re: The Daily Funny - Give us a Laugh!
« Last post by Growster... on Yesterday at 20:53 »
More a tip than a joke.

If you're ever arrested and get cautioned, just say "It's a fair cop, Guv. You've got me bang to rights." The court will never believe you said it and you'll be found not guilty in a jiffy.

Thing not to say when stopped for speeding on the M1..
Officer, "And why were you doing 88 mph?"
Me, "Because that guy in front wouldn't shift over and let me put my foot down"

Not a smile crossed his face and I knew I was doomed!

Nice one John!

A good chum had to attend a course after being caught speeding. He's a petrol-head, and thinks he's Sterling Moss or someone younger, but a good pal all the same.

He started by having an argument with the cop running the show, and was probably right in challenging him about a beat-up old Escort having the same brakes as a Merc, so that started the rot. The man next to him leaned over and admitted that he was also a cop, and that my chum was absolutely right, but he'd been 'done', by another force, and the chap wouldn't back down on the ticket!

The afternoon didn't end well, especially when my friend called out to everyone, 'Right, the last person back to Reigate's a cissy'...
Kitchen Natter / Re: The grape...
« Last post by mumofstig on Yesterday at 20:37 »
Sultana grapes are grown in Turkey and Australia, Zante's currant grapes are famous (Greece).
Kitchen Natter / The grape...
« Last post by Growster... on Yesterday at 20:28 »
So here's a quandary; we consume grapes in all manner of disguises, sultanas, currants, raisins etc., and wine of course.

When we had a solitary grape vine, now sadly gone,but a great vine which could nearly cover a single garage, we made five gallons of a Beaujolais type wine each season, so it was probably a Gamay, but we didn't really prune it well, and it was so rampant, that the ugly garage even looked quaint for a time!

But grapes take up a lot of effort, room, and are fussy plants which can get all sorts of 'grape-hump' in their long lives. But hey, where on earth are they all grown these days? We have David Carr-Taylor close by (I know him well, nice chap), and he was one of the first to start a vineyard ages ago in Westfield, near Hastings. There are several in and near Tenterden, Lamberhurst and beyond - the list is endless.

So is English wine going to take over, and what will happen to the sultanas and the raisins? Grapes are an amazing crop, and I tried growing two Muscat vines and gave up, but there has to be an enormous acreage throughout the world to cater for such a great fruit!

California anyone? Spain? Where else?

Kitchen Natter / Re: peanut butter make or buy?
« Last post by Growster... on Yesterday at 20:16 »
Now Daniel, you're definitely the man to understand his peanut butter!

I'd forgotten about the settling in the jar, Whole Earth doesn't seem to, but it settles well on some fresh bread and glass of orange juice for breakfast...
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