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Thanks Lard, I've just been out and checked the branches and they look ok. Not had frost here, but there have been gales; we were away at the time, so I hadn't thought about it being wind damage. If that's what it is, the tree will hopefully be fine next year.
Grow Your Own / Re: Bolting leeks, again
« Last post by Gellideg on Today at 18:39 »
Hi Alan.
If it helps,I grow M/burgh leeks from seed,and looking back in my gardening diary,I planted mine out on the 27th of June.Most years no earlier and I don't get any trouble with bolting,any of the last 6 years.They are very nearly ready to eat at now,maybe in c3weeks.Are you planting out too early in the season? That would be my suggestion.My summer leeks planted in April can bolt as they get into late August,and I put it down to the age of them,so to speak.
Hope this is of use to you     John.
Chatting on the Plot / Re: What's for tea? 2017
« Last post by madcat on Today at 18:34 »
The meeces have started to attack the sweetcorn  >:( , so a big blanching exercise is about to start.  :wacko:   By dinner we wont want to even think about corn ..... so chilli beef, rice and mixed stir fry are in the plan!
Grow Your Own / anybody out there growing custard marrows?
« Last post by jambop on Today at 17:54 »

I have been given a few fruits of this plant to try. She eats then in omelettes and as a potato sub but has anybody on her grown them and if the have what are they like to eat ... are they worth growing?
Cooking, Storing and Preserving / Pickling onions.
« Last post by Pescador on Today at 17:31 »
Q.  What better a sight than  a 10kg bag of peeled pickling onions?

A.  5 bags!!!
Grow Your Own / Re: Bolting leeks, again
« Last post by Pescador on Today at 17:25 »
Mine didn't bolt, but every single one was absolutely hammered by Leek Moth
Had to destroy the whole lot!
Chatting on the Plot / Re: When?
« Last post by robinahood on Today at 17:23 »
I am actually looking forward to the first winter I have had an allotment, the respite from the worst of the weeds will give me some time to sort out hedges, prune the vine which has gone feral, mend the greenhouse etc. That's the theory anyway, probably lack of light and dodgy weather will scupper my ideas!
Sorry Jay,

Mine are still going strong. Picking a few pounds most days.  Best crop in years.... :tongue2:
Grow Your Own / Re: Bolting leeks, again
« Last post by mumofstig on Today at 17:14 »
Weird weather (too hot/cold, too wet/dry or cold nights in summer) stresses the plants and makes them bolt.
I've got early purple sprouting already - I expected it in early in spring, not early Autumn  :wacko:
Grow Your Own / Bolting leeks, again
« Last post by AlaninCarlisle on Today at 17:03 »
I originally thought it was just a small proportion of my crop but now the whole damn lot are bolting. Same procedure as in previous God-knows how many years. Musselburgh germinated in greenhouse in April, planted out in May but for some reason they all think it's now April 2018. Why?
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