Neighnour's bees not making my allotment time fun ?

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Neighnour's bees not making my allotment time fun ?
« on: September 11, 2017, 09:54 »
I have an allotment which I am unfortunately not enjoying, because of bees on a next door plot.

Next to my plot is a 6 ft fence and directly behind that the neighbour has a bee hive.

I have been stung several times and my granddaughter refuses to visit the plot. It bugs me a lot, as other folk happily enjoy their plots with kids / grandchildren but I can not.

I've asked the secretary and other committee members to have the bees removed, but they refuse, saying .. the bees have always been there and they are good for all the plots.

I am in the middle plot of 3 at the end of the allotment site. On the other side of the beekeepers plot is a fence, then it is open arable farmland so there is no reason why the bee hive couldn't be there. Basically he wants it tucked next to my property behind the fence so nobody else sees it and steals honey or even bees.

the fact there is a 6 ft high fence directly south of my plot is another snag, but again when I asked to have this removed i was told, it has always been there.

What can I do ?



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Re: Neighnour's bees not making my allotment time fun ?
« Reply #1 on: September 11, 2017, 13:06 »
Hmm that is a problem, have you spoken with your plot neighbour & explained your predicament? Is there somewhere else on site that they could be resited? Could the fence be extended with perhaps debris netting to encourage the bees to fly up higher. Are you sure you have been stung by his bees? Difficult to ascertain I realise. I would like to have bees but the position of my plots means that people pass through the middle & down both sides so can see it's not feasible.
Perhaps if you do a bit of research on Bee keeping you might be able to suggest some alternatives & I do agree they are good for all the plots



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Re: Neighnour's bees not making my allotment time fun ?
« Reply #2 on: September 11, 2017, 14:39 »
I doubt that you are being stung by the honey bees, unless they are an aggressive lot in which case the beekeeper will know that and should take steps to replace the current queen with a more placid one.  He will know if this is the case if he regularly opens the hive - he will get stung more than you.

Honey bees fly at about 15ft, and it is unusual for them to have not reached this height quickly, especially,if the entrance to the hive is facing a 6ft fence, which is ideal,to encourage them to reach their flying height ASAP.

My bees are kept in the middle of my plot and face fruit trees so that they get up to their flying height.

Honey bees only tend to sting if their hive is under threat, or if they get entangled in hair or a woolly jumper. 

If you neighbour takes your concerns seriously he should be able to move the hive during the winter so that the bees are not too disorientated when they return from foraging.

Since I have had my bees down the allotment, it is surprising how many people suddenly think there are swarms of bees or have been stung.  Each time the swarms have turned out to be miner bees in compost heaps and the stings have been from wasps or bumble bees.

Bees always evoke emotions and issues, but hopefully you and your neighbour can resolve this fairly quickly.  Not sure from your post of the orientation of the hive opening - he will want it to ideally face south and to be sheltered from prevailing winds.  As to people stealing honey or the bees, good luck to them!  Mine would soon tell them they are unhappy being moved or their house robbed! 

Good luck!



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Re: Neighnour's bees not making my allotment time fun ?
« Reply #3 on: September 11, 2017, 16:55 »
I doubt that you are being stung by the honey bees ...

..  it is surprising how many people suddenly think there are swarms of bees or have been stung. 
When I got my plot there was a concrete base all prepared for a shed, so my shed is actually less than a metre from the hive. On top of the 6ft fence, the chap next door put netting probably with 20mm mesh size. On any decent day I can see many many bees directly over the hie location. For a few days they were flying over the netting, but now they just land and walk through it, then down to the hive.

i have one raised bed just near my shed and it was here that i was stung earlier this year. When i felt the prick to my forehead I obviously tried to brush the bee off. A couple of seconds later another sting, this time on my eyelid. I decided to drive home right away, less than 2 miles away. By the time i got home, my eye was closing. Within about an hour I had difficulty seeing out of one eye.

No fun at all

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