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Chatting on the Plot / Re: 6weeks
« Last post by jaydig on Today at 15:54 »
I'm very grateful to have reached the age when I have wrinkles, although I'm not quite as grateful for the aches and pains.  I always try to remember that not only do many people have a lot worse to contend with, but that a lot of people never reach the age of wrinkles and aches.
The dust in your house doesn't appear to be any worse after about six weeks, unless, of course, someone puts their finger in it, and if you dust today, then die in the night, the dust will be just as bad tomorrow.
If you've every said "one day, I'm going to .................", then make today your "one day" because for some people it never comes.
I used to do housework every single day, but now I do it as and when I want, or not, as the case may be.  If there's something more interesting to do then I do that instead. I learned from my mother who, if my dad asked her to go for a walk, or a picnic, or whatever, always said she had housework to do.  My dad died when he was thirty nine, and I often think about the time wasted doing housework when they could have been together.  My motto is now "Do what makes you happy and doesn't hurt anyone else".
Chatting on the Plot / Re: 6weeks
« Last post by Goosegirl on Today at 13:53 »
Eyelid shaving? John, what on earth have you been reading??? MOS, that's what I tend to do now. Listen to the news and try the daily and weekend Graudian cryptic crosswords until I can stir myself to clean and tidy, use the Dyson and pop the dishwasher and washing machine on, and whatever I feel like doing. Some days I do quite a lot and others I just don't feel like it so I don't. Am I being idle? Possibly, but only when I remember what I used to do when working full-time and the odd Saturday morning. Maybe I'm a bit wiser now because I could have gone out with some friends instead of telling them I was too busy gardening and decorating.  ???
Chatting on the Plot / Re: What's for tea? 2018
« Last post by mumofstig on Today at 13:40 »
Ooops madcat!

Tuna salad, cold French beans in a honey & mustard dressing with a small jacket potato.
Chatting on the Plot / Re: Lasting power of attourney rebate.
« Last post by mumofstig on Today at 13:36 »
Rebate from who?, I've had a "power of attorney" written by my solicitor for about 25 years now, (just in case), plus a will with it, from when I was a "long", (and I mean long, 6 week trips), haul truck driver
The link given in the first post opens a webpage explaining the criteria for the rebate  ;)
Chatting on the Plot / Re: Lasting power of attourney rebate.
« Last post by Goosegirl on Today at 13:33 »
Our solicitor did ours which was then registered as yours would have been, and the rebate comes from the Government; however yours was done before the qualifying date so you won't be able to make a claim.
Grow Your Own / Re: Spring onions
« Last post by mumofstig on Today at 13:29 »
I planted some onions in the autumn but forgot what they were. I noticed last week they were going to seed so started to dig them up. They look and taste like very large spring onions.  :D :D :D
Iíd like to grow them again but canít discover what they are ?

Were they over-winter onion sets that you planted? Can you remember where you bought them? that may at least narrow it down a bit  ;)
Grow Your Own / Re: strawberry runners
« Last post by Goosegirl on Today at 13:25 »
If you allow runners to form and as these are first year plants, cut the runners off after the first shootlet to let the parent plant keep on developing and give them a little general feed as a booster.
Grow Your Own / Re: Spring onions
« Last post by Goosegirl on Today at 13:22 »
Gracianiz - the easiest way is to have a look at the different types of forums mentioned on the home page and note down those you are interested in. When you've had enough of gardening ones, go to the Chatting on the plot one because you can talk about all sorts of things except politics, religion, and anything else that could potentially upset us posters. If you are new to gardening, don't be afraid to ask questions as we are all still learners. Would you mind putting where you live in your profile as it helps to know your climate area if you have a query - thanks.
Growing in Greenhouses & Polytunnels / Re: I need a polytunnel.
« Last post by Plot94 on Today at 13:14 »
Check ebay and local free papers for second hand ones. I have 2 both from ebay, 1 is 10m x 3m cost £90 plus around another £60 for timber frame and fixings - the cover was in good nick and its been up for over 4 years now. The other is 6m x 2.4m cost £50 but the cover wasnt too good so spent another £50 on a new one (from ebay) expect to get at least 10 years from it. It's definitely well worth keeping your eye out for these sort of bargains.
Grow Your Own / Re: Spring onions
« Last post by Goosegirl on Today at 13:09 »
For over-wintering spring onions it seems that White Lisbon and Guardsman are the two most well-known ones. There are a few other varieties for harvesting during the year, but think yours are one of these two.
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