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Chatting on the Plot / Re: Fishing Season 2018
« Last post by Aled on Today at 11:35 »
been out looking for sea trout twice this month, saw one jump and caught a few small brownies nothing else.
Will say this the river does not look good with a lot of algae in the river.
We need a flood but I'm not going to wish for one, I'm enjoying this nice weather!
Tight Lines
Same here JayG, slightly cooler today, but having to water a lot at the moment, especially as I'm watching other people's plots for them while they're on holiday.
Cloudy and disappointingly cool at 12C with a north-easterly breeze, although like yesterday it should brighten up later - no respite from the watering though unless Friday brings the forecast heavy rain and possibly thunderstorms...
Chatting on the Plot / Re: Lasting power of attourney rebate.
« Last post by madcat on Today at 10:19 »
Rebate from who?, I've had a "power of attorney" written by my solicitor for about 25 years now, (just in case), plus a will with it, from when I was a "long", (and I mean long, 6 week trips), haul truck driver

All else in your life being the same, your Enduring Power of Attorney will be valid - although after 25 years you might want to re-read it.  What is being talked about here is the newer Lasting Powers of Attorney which replaced yours.
Grow Your Own / Re: Spring onions
« Last post by mumofstig on Today at 08:08 »
Iím going to do as suggested and start a notebook of what Iím growing.😀😁
A very good idea  :lol:
Grow Your Own / Re: Spring onions
« Last post by harry on Today at 07:40 »
I think they were White Lisbon, grown from seed, I remember putting some in a seed tray last year. Iím going to do as suggested and start a notebook of what Iím growing.😀😁
The Hen House / Re: Seasoned Dryed Out Garlic Toast for Chickens
« Last post by Aidy on Yesterday at 22:52 »
I use garlic in water and also garlic granules in the mixed corn tarts I make, to be honest I can smell garlic when I am close to them but the eggs dont taste one bit of garlic
My girls have herbs on a daily basis in some form or other.
I have put my recipe for the tarts in the chicken chat.
Chatting on the Plot / Re: 6weeks
« Last post by John on Yesterday at 22:48 »
Eyelid shaving? John, what on earth have you been reading???
It was something on Radio 4 about girls having plastic surgery on their eyes so they looked bigger. Oddly enough I had a cat who had a similar operation (for medical reasons, not cosmetic)
Grow Your Own / Re: What I did on the plot today 2018
« Last post by Rhys on Yesterday at 22:05 »
Dug and planted my spud rows. Planted some strawberries (4 verities) and some sweetcorn.
Knackered now..
Chatting on the Plot / Re: What's for tea? 2018
« Last post by snowdrops on Yesterday at 22:03 »
Hm pasta with bolognaise from the freezer
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