despite being wide awake at 6.30, I am very happy and a little giddy

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yep I love this time of the year, the clocks gone to GMT which means I don't have to stay up till stupid O'clock to set the scope up outside to star gaze  :lol: and to make things even better we have clear skies tonight, perfect.

In another week we finally get rid of the annoying lights on the prom so we go to normal light pollution levels so it gets better.

Got my list of targets for tonight, mainly double stars (see above comment) as you can see them pretty easy, gonna visit an old friend, Mu Cephei (The Garnet Star), lovely orange/ red colour star out in the west tonight, might nip and wave at the people in our nearest galaxy Andromedia, oooo giddy with excitement, its been a while with all this cloud we have had.
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Where I live on Thurnham Moss you can see the whole sky all around you. I remember one clear night in Winter when my little bike broke down I had to push it all the way down the lane to get home but wow! It was so beautiful! 
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It sounds wonderful!

Until my mid 20s I lived in London.   I hadn't even seen moonlight until I was about 19 and was out one evening when there was a power cut.  It took me ages to work out why there were eerie pale shaddows everywhere.

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Paul Plots

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Clear dark sky on crisp quiet nights - sounds great Aidy....... one of the reasons I loved camping.

Good luck.
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