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Hopefully there is someone on here who can help me with my project today.

I am refurbishing my shower cubicle pending the arrival of wedding guests on Saturday!   :ohmy:

I am replacing the mouldy silicone and am well advanced with that plan, having cut my finger only once!  :mad:

The monkey metal waste top (the bit which catches the stray hair and fluff) is grotesque and all the "chrome" has come off, leaving a black/[plastic mess.  I have been to Plumb Centre and got a new stainless steel one, but how do I replace it without dismantling things?  Is it just a case of unscrew the old one and one with the new?  I can't believe it will be that easy. Or am I looking at calling out a plumber????  There are two parts to the new waste. A lovely stainless steel plug 'ole type thing with a rubber nut/washer

Anyone out there could offer up some words of advice/comfort?   This is it, but JUST THE TOP STEEL GRILLE THING



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If it's got a screw in the middle? I think you can unscrew it to get it out  :unsure:

Other than that you have to put the whole new fitting under the shower  :ohmy:

You could always hide it under one of these
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If you're lucky you'll be able to do what MoS suggests.

Be prepared though the underside might drop off when you do it, you may be able to hook the bottom from above the tray and hold it place whilst changing. Depending on how long it's been there though they may have changed the pitch on the screw too  ::) 

Oh and don't over tighten it ...that'll cause you a whole heap of trouble  :nowink:
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I went for it and unscrewed the old one and the new one fit lovely.  I was careful not to overtighten it          OH came home and screwed it down further  after lots of tutting about it.  He has only taken an interest since I started the job myself having given up on waiting  for him to start it  :nowink:

I siliconed round the shower tray but will wait til morning before adding water.  Wish me luck

Thank you for the tips and moral support.  I found one of those plug strainers under the sink when I was searching for an old toothbrush  :)

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