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Grow Your Own / Re: beans
« Last post by lettice on Today at 15:32 »
Way to early to even think about sowing runner, dwarf/climbing/french beans.

Wait till second week of April at minimum to sow in greenhouse or under cover for dwarf/climbing/french beans to plant out in early May or sow direct in the ground early May.
For runners, sow in greenhouse or under cover end April to plant out around 20th May
Sow in ground around mid May too.
Chatting on the Plot / Re: Oldest kit in the kitchen...
« Last post by ARPoet on Today at 15:23 »
When my mum died in 1980 we bought an own brand, very basic microwave from Comet for my dad. It cost 89.
 It was used every day until it went bang in 2007.
I wrote to Comet to tell them and got a nice letter of thanks back.
Grow Your Own / Re: anyone planted their earlies yet ?
« Last post by Toosje on Today at 15:09 »
I bought a few plants (cabbages, pak soy, a few varieties of lettuce, leeks), unions and potatoes today at the little market which is organized a few times at our plot.

The potatoes, unions and leeks will go in next week, which is 2 weeks later then last year, the other plants will have a stop between in the green house. It will probably freeze of and on until the end of april. The weekend of 14 15 may is the official change to milder weather so I will be careful until then.

Hopefully we will have some early veg from the green house!  :)
Chatting on the Plot / Re: Oldest kit in the kitchen...
« Last post by Goosegirl on Today at 15:05 »
Joining in this trip down Memory Lane, I have some of my mum's old bun tins and a fluffy duster on a stick, a 70's Pyrex casserole dish, and my OH's mum's hand-written recipe book.
Grow Your Own / Re: Wood pellet cat litter
« Last post by Toosje on Today at 15:01 »
Depending on your compost system? If you let your compost for 3 years before using it, the wood will be broken down, but with a one year system it will probably still be visible.

I would compost it with the rest, chicken droppings and hemp cut from the coop. The hemp cut also needs more than one season, that's why I am thinking the wood will need more as wel, but maybe because it is falls apart in smaller bits, it will compost faster..
Chatting on the Plot / Re: AM I PAST MY SELL-BY DATE
« Last post by Goosegirl on Today at 14:57 »
Definitely not! The government and or councils should pay us for our experience and wisdom of senior years which is patently missing in the current elected ones. Also, we've been paying them for enough years so are entitled to get our money back if they can't fulfil their side of the "contract".
Grow Your Own / Re: sugar snap pea
« Last post by Goosegirl on Today at 14:50 »
I love snap peas as ones you miss picking can still be podded and eaten as normal peas. This year I'm going to try Nairobi as it's got a good review for taste and disease resistance and grows about 6' high.
Kitchen Natter / Re: RIchard bertinet bread method
« Last post by chrissie B on Today at 14:23 »
Jnot this one aparently its one aasic dough from which you can bake various things , his was so light and pillowy , we tryed some for breakfast  it had a bounce to it but just wasent good , i put some out for the birds and even they wouldnt touch it , ive ordered his book , i do think that there was too much salt in the last batch you could taste it .
as we preak i have old faithful in the oven as requested by hubby he says why change it if it works .
chrissie b
I'm tempted to put the earlies in tomorrow. The shoots normally take 3-4 weeks to break through the ground, by which time it should be getting milder. I can't remember a winter lasting into May  ::).
Grow Your Own / Re: What I did on the plot today 2018
« Last post by Eblana on Today at 13:42 »
Yesterday OH and I built the new courgette and squash bed, hoping to get up to the plot on Sunday to dig it over to remove weeds ready for it to be filled with manure.  This morning was spent pricking out seedlings and rearranging the greenhouse.
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