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I suppose not everybody has a plot where all they can hear is the chirping of birds and spades slicing through earth.

Here in east London, I have the pleasure of our wonderful London Underground, which ironically I have to look up at, and also the big boys trains on the C2C line. I have yet to witness trains on all four lines (eastbound and westbound) go by together, but it's been close. They never seem as frequent when I wait at the station for them! The exciting bit is waiting for the 12:30 freight train.

When it is really quiet on the plot, there's the distant humming of the A13, but that's usually drowned out by ambulances screaming up the local road to their emergency or on the way back to the nearby hospital. Just across that said road is the council's depot, where it always sounds like a lorry is reversing as there's constant beeping. Then there's occasionally the local idiots on their mopeds over the nearby recreation ground. I hardly notice the children screaming in the nearby housing estate, the planes out of City Airport or the men digging up the road.

I've just got a nice pair of headphones that will link via bluetooth to my phone, so that I can play a sounds of nature soundtrack.

Happy days
Chatting on the Plot / Re: Speeding fine vs Speed awareness course
« Last post by arh on Today at 16:19 »
Mum, in reply to your unasked question, "they don't". I live on the busiest road in Clacton on Sea, and I have been working on Essex CC for the last 2 years to try and slow down the traffic on it, the police did a survey in response to my pleas and came up with 2000 VEHICLES WERE EXCEEDING 38 MPH PER DAY on a 30 mph road, and Essex CC said, and I quote, "we don't go on police surveys, we do our own when it's necessary, and here it isn't."
ps at the same time 85000 vehicles passed the "little black box" in 6 days.
Grow Your Own / Re: When to plant ?.
« Last post by Deborah1 on Today at 15:39 »
Hello John. I am also in Brittany (borders of 22/29) If you are anywhere near Poullaouen there is a fruit specialist nursery - Pepiniere Ar Stivel. I can't recommend him highly enough. All varieties that are suited to the rather 'particular' Breton climate, tens of different varieties including heritage ones if that's your interest, as well as more common ones. And his prices are generally way cheaper than a garden centre. His trees and other are all sold bare rooted. I think he speaks some English. I've bought around 30 trees from him over the last ten years or so and they've all been excellent. You can pm me if you'd like more information. Deborah
Grow Your Own / Re: Cordon fruit trees
« Last post by Goosegirl on Today at 15:24 »
I've seen step-over apple trees which you can literally step over, so you could theoretically plant them at the front of your bed but I don't know how productive they are or if they will intrude on the other trees.
Grow Your Own / Re: When to plant ?.
« Last post by Goosegirl on Today at 15:19 »
Ah! Going by the current buckets of rain over the  last week, mine will have to be heeled-in the least waterlogged place I can find!
Grow Your Own / Re: Crazy Rhubarb
« Last post by Plot 1 Problems on Today at 14:05 »
Thanks! I'm going to give them a good compost mulch and then I'll give them a good feed a few weeks before I start harvesting next year.
Grow Your Own / Re: When to plant ?.
« Last post by mumofstig on Today at 10:48 »
Bare root trees can be planted at any time when they are dormant, as long as the soil isn't waterlogged.

Grow Your Own / Re: Cordon fruit trees
« Last post by Lardman on Today at 10:39 »
.. what do you mean by growing as central leader?

Here's a reasonable description https://www.quickcrop.co.uk/blog/introduction-pruning-apple-trees/ it refers to apples but all top fruit can be treated the same.
Grow Your Own / When to plant ?.
« Last post by brittanyjohn on Today at 10:27 »
Good morning all.
I need advice on when to plant fruit trees ( apple / plum / pears ).
I have no experience on the above and will be investing in 2 of each from our local garden centre. they are about 3 ft tall at the moment.* reading about fruit trees and watching the experts on TV,,,,,they all have different opinions on when to plant in the ground !! :(.
I live in Brittany France and we are slightly warmer than the south west.
Your advice would be very much appreciated  :) .
Equipment Shed / Re: Qualcast Cultimatic Oil Level
« Last post by R Tallentire on Today at 09:45 »
It will be fine on unleaded. The cylinder block is aluminium, so Qualcast fitted steel valve seat inserts, which are OK with unleaded fuel. Side valve engines are all low compression, so no problems with pre-ignition on unleaded either. In theory, the earlier, cast iron engines need an additive, but I used one for 10 years on unleaded without problems.
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