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Chatting on the Plot / Re: Whenever we do get any rain.
« Last post by Pescador on Today at 18:27 »
The amount we've had here in South Wales today wouldn't come halfway up an ants leg!
Our gentle rain finally stopped about 30 minutes ago. Not nearly enough but a good start...
Looks like John finally let some over the Beacons   ::) we have rain ! Proper British, soak everything , wet smelling , water butt filling rain. I may well be soaking wet and rather chilly from standing in it but frankly I really don't care !
According to the forecast we've got heavy rain.. well it's a bit damp and so far today we've had 5 mm. And Welsh Water has sent out the 'use less water' letters so even Wales is feeling the pinch. From what I gather this drought is all across Northern Europe.
Chicken Chat / RIP Elsa and on to new beginnings
« Last post by Debz on Today at 16:31 »
A couple of weeks ago, we lost Elsa, a beautiful Pekin.  We were going on holiday later that week so took our one we remaining girl to my sisters to run with her flock.  She free ranges her because she has plenty of space and no foxes so we thought it unfair to bring Anna back to a restricted run again.  As luck would have it, a colleague mentioned a facebook post about a batch of caged hens needing to be re-homed this weekend.  We are going to collect 3 tomorrow afternoon.  My little girl is beyond giddy about the prospect of what I have told her could be very ugly hens that we will bring home and love back to full feather and chicken glory again.
Grow Your Own / Re: Too late to sow Borlotto beans?
« Last post by Mr Dog on Today at 16:29 »
I've just planted out a batch of beans for drying - given the weather they haven't taken long to germinate and get to a decent size to go out.
Grow Your Own / Re: Too late to sow Borlotto beans?
« Last post by jaydig on Today at 16:28 »
If you have the seeds and the space, I'd give it a go. I've just very optimistically sown another batch of dwarf beans, just in case we get a prolonged, warmer autumn.  I know day length can start to make a difference, but they certainly won't grow in the packet.
Grow Your Own / Re: Who still has stocks of leeks as plugs?
« Last post by Debz on Today at 16:26 »
Probably because Monty was planting his out on the programme on Wednesday evening......
Chatting on the Plot / Re: song link ups
« Last post by mrs bouquet on Today at 16:26 »
Got to get you into my Life - The Beatles  (sorry - it was all I could think of  :D)
Cooking, Storing and Preserving / Re: Red currant jelly
« Last post by snowdrops on Today at 16:22 »
I never add pe tin, rely8ng on lemon juice where necessary. As for seeds I sieve red,black & white currants,also blackberries as I just donít like the pips. If Iím making a jelly & want it to be clear, I put the stewed fruit through the jelly bag, then rested the remains with half the water again, perhaps adding more fresh fruit, sieve the lot & use that as a seedless jam
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