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Cooking, Storing and Preserving / Re: Freeze drying
« Last post by mumofstig on Today at 23:40 »
Not really, this old thread is the only 1 about it, and what we do isn't really freeze drying  ::)

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Chatting on the Plot / Re: hosepipe ban
« Last post by Christine on Today at 20:57 »
Sounds like some water companies need to look at their infrastructure mind. There's far too many leaky pipes. Up here if you report to the local water company that a meter looks as if it's leaking there are bodies on site faster than ice cream melting in a sweltering summer despite the size of Northumberland. And we have Kielder Water behind us to care for the county (some interesting archaeology there about the villages that went when it was built).

I lived with family in West Yorkshire in the 1976 drought - now that's not a county that suffers from lack of rain. The water company had done no repairs to the infrastructure for so many years that the reservoirs ran dry through leaking pipes. Don't think that they've completely sorted that one out yet. There's a few more water companies the same (Thames Water folks).
Chatting on the Plot / Re: Rugby: The 6 Nations
« Last post by Eblana on Today at 20:32 »
 :D :D :D :D. Just checked and I think the roof has settled back onto the house. 
Chatting on the Plot / Re: Rugby: The 6 Nations
« Last post by Growster... on Today at 20:30 »
Well done Ireland - thoroughly deserved.

Just a simple question from a simple person who still doesn't understand all the rules, and probably never will: given that the ball is NEVER fed into the scrum straight why don't they save time by simply handing the ball over (possibly with an optional handshake?  :wub:)

Probably the precursor to uncontested scrums soon, Jay.

When I was in the front row, the ball had to go in straight, but that was quite a few years ago...

The laws just keep changing 'to make the game faster/more interesting!

Not sure about that, but the game today is more like the seven-a-sides we watched and played in the sixties!
Seven sorts of tom seeds went in this week, and it was a nice gesture to spring...

All different today, snow and cold, wet and unkind...

Back to the good library book!
Sowed the runner beans in tube in the kitchen on St Patricks day last year , got them out nice and early !
Looking at the snow going past the window horizontally today i think i will give it a fortnight !

Nice to have a bit of sun on the back on the odd day but if it is too cold for the slugs and snails at night it is too cold for my veg !
the only person who's not complaining about the weather is my wife because when its to cold to do any  gardening I'm busy painting and decorating indoors please please let it be spring

You have my sympathy. The terror of Indoor Chores.
Grow Your Own / Re: What I did on the plot today 2018
« Last post by Mr Rotavator on Today at 19:52 »
Weeded around and pruned the raspberries, tided, composted and picked some rhubarb.
Cold and worse with the wind. Emergency brandy procured for late night consideration.
We have had showers of snow all day that have come to nothing, but in the last hour or so the flakes have got larger and its starting to stick in the gardens at least.

My house guest is unimpressed and has taken refuge under the duvet. He does have comfort down to a fine art.  Get off the sofa to go and do something, he nicks your warm spot and is out cold by the time you are back  ::)  :lol:

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