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Chatting on the Plot / Re: A plant quiz and NO "Goggling" it!
« Last post by JayG on Today at 17:41 »
Who'd have guessed that it's neither red nor anything to do with cabbage? (Neither me nor mum obviously!  :lol:)
Hello there sunshineband

It wasn't the raw spices I was referring to but all the packets and jars of of prepared pastes with peculiar  names.  Cheers,  Tony. :)
I think I've been eating too much salmon recently; I've just tried to run up a down escalator.

You must be stark stairing bonkers then...
Grow Your Own / MOVED: It's Here!!
« Last post by mumofstig on Today at 16:16 »
Kitchen Natter / It's Here!!
« Last post by jaydig on Today at 16:07 »
It's arrived!  My new ice cream machine, made by Gaggia.  It came yesterday, and I can't wait to try it, but after a morning on the plot planting potatoes I don't have the energy right now.  Tomorrow the two grandsons are coming for lunch, so I thought we'd christen the machine by making the after lunch dessert together.  I'm sure they won't have any problem eating the result.
I've still got my original machine, but it's one of those that needs to have the bowl frozen in the freezer before using, and although it produces excellent ice cream, I don't often have space in the freezer to accommodate the bowl.
I'll have to get out my Ben and Gerry's ice cream book now, but after the boys have had their treat tomorrow, my hubby has already put in a request for rum and raisin.
Grow Your Own / Re: Potatoes, when to plant?
« Last post by jaydig on Today at 16:02 »
Put all my potatoes in this morning.  Having said that, I've only put in four rows this year, plus an experimental row with just a few tubers of five different varieties that I haven't tried before.  Just sat down after lunch, then tried to get up and everything aches!
Grow Your Own / Re: Compressed Coco Soil Compost 10 Litres
« Last post by Dantheman on Today at 14:58 »
Thanks very much for the reply's will give it a go.
Chatting on the Plot / Re: Stay or go.
« Last post by Lardman on Today at 13:41 »
Panic Over.... It's now like my sense of humour - Gone  :lol: 
Took a little longer than expected as Im getting weak and feeble in my old age.  :blush:
Grow Your Own / Re: Potatoes, when to plant?
« Last post by AussieInFrance on Today at 13:37 »
Desiree planted last week here in SW France. Planting in the top of the compost bin this year as all my ground is allocated for all 3 seasons (spring,summer and autumn).

The compost will continue to work away while the potatoes are growing. It's not needed until later in autumn for a top dressing anyway. Good use of space IMO.
Grow Your Own / Re: raspberry canes question
« Last post by alan/gill on Today at 13:35 »
Hi Gobs,these are cuttings from another allotment,it they will be new to my allotment
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