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Chatting on the Plot / Re: Simple gardening pleasures
« Last post by al78 on Today at 00:38 »
I'm impressed at those who are able to garden all day. I get tired and have had enough after a couple of hours. Can you give me some of your stamina, or performance enhancing drugs please  :lol:.

It is not like I am unfit, I've just got back from doing 12 mile walks in the Cairngorms with 1000m of ascent. For some reason on my allotment the energy just gradually drains out of me, and it is not for lack of food or water.
The Hen House / Re: Fox attack - prevention? - from Bootychooks
« Last post by Bootychooks on Yesterday at 22:12 »
Thank you Greenjay and Sassy for your replies.
He hasn't been back yet and our poorly chickens are recovering, staggering around the pen. I am considering getting electric fencing, but the fences belong to neighbours on 2 sides so we will have to have a chat with them. There are loads of foxes in our area (urban) and I know of 2 neighbours who feed them regularly. I suppose we've been lucky- never had any problems till last Christmas.
Grow Your Own / Re: Anyone lifting shallots yet?
« Last post by ApprenticeGardener82 on Yesterday at 21:56 »
I pulled mine at the weekend as they were getting a little on the big side for pickling. Just drying them out in the kids play house/ out on the decking when we have sunny days with no chance if rain.

Chatting on the Plot / Re: Blowers final over
« Last post by Fairy Plotmother on Yesterday at 21:50 »
Years ago, I had to do some market research, which meant sitting in a car in a country layby, counting lorries going in and out from a competitor's works.

It was desperately dull 'work', but there was a Test Match on, so in fact the whole sunny day turned into seven hours of total bliss!

Never had the old A20 been such a tranquil and enjoyable place...

A similar sort of situation , during the Olympics a few years ago , we were stuck in traffic on holiday , and were listening  to the Mixed Doubles Badminton .  Gail Emms and Jason Robertson were in action , no pictures , just the natural talent of the commentator to describe the action , it was brilliant radio .
Have you listened to golf? Ryder Cup, The Open...all the majors. Absolutely fabulous.
Grow Your Own / Re: What I did on the plot today 2017
« Last post by chillimummy on Yesterday at 21:47 »
Daughter came with me tonight. She put straw under the strawberries and watered the french bean plants and the peas which are starting to peep out of the soil. Was very late sowing them.
I weeded the onions and cut the grass.
Under and next to my plum tree are loads of weeds which were getting out of hand  ;)
Plot neighbour lent me huge piece of weed fabric so we covered whole area with it and weighed it down.
Although big piece of black fabric doesn't look great, it is better than all the weeds  :unsure:
Have bed full of wild flowers and weeds which needs tackling so covered some of that with small piece of black plastic I had.
Need to strim it so can dig it all out easily.
Plot looks better already after covering a big area of weeds until I can tackle them. ;)   
Chatting on the Plot / Re: What's for tea? 2017
« Last post by New shoot on Yesterday at 21:36 »
Frittata here with homegrown new potatoes, spring onions and tomatoes.  Rolls and salad to go with it  :)
Grow Your Own / Re: Daily Harvest 2017
« Last post by chillimummy on Yesterday at 21:35 »
Strawberries and raspberries.  :)
Chatting on the Plot / Re: What's for tea? 2017
« Last post by snowdrops on Yesterday at 21:32 »
Homemade Marguerita pizza,chips & salad.
Welcome to the Forums / Re: Hi From Hull (new plot holder)
« Last post by John obrien on Yesterday at 21:25 »
Welcome to the forum, just joined myself as Ive just started clearing my Allotment.

Nice to see someone on here from the UKs city of culture :D
Welcome to the Forums / Re: Hello from Hampshire
« Last post by John obrien on Yesterday at 21:20 »
Thanks for the welcome everyone.
Sunshineband I've inherited a few Goosegog bushes, a couple of red current and a whole load of Bramble >:(
The last person also had a strange fettish for keeping bin bags of mud :wacko:

Can't get on it not for two weeks due to work, plenty of time for rest.
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