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Grow Your Own / Re: tomato feed
« Last post by victoria park on Today at 08:33 »
I have some weird ideas where feeding my greenhouse tomatoes are concerned. I'm a bit worried of feeding them too well, and sort of forcing them.
Probably a bit overboard paranoia  :) but I do worry they could end up like the cardboard ones sold in the shops. Looking good, but lacking in taste. Apart from 2 or 3 early plants, I want the bulk to take their time. I want them a bit like outdoor tomatoes, but guaranteed protected from blight and poor sunshine levels.
Chatting on the Plot / Re: Rhino Greenhouse vs the weather
« Last post by LILLILEAF on Today at 05:37 »
This was the only make of greenhouse with 4mm thick glass,and the wind speed here was 94mph,a bit more than a breeze.
Grow Your Own / Re: tomato feed
« Last post by m1ckz on Today at 05:33 »
poundworld     its a pound lol
Chatting on the Plot / Re: Storm Doris UPDATE
« Last post by John on Today at 00:40 »
A lot of cheap greenhouses use plastic glass (if that makes sense) which is pretty robust and cheap to replace. I've been very impressed with the performance of the polytunnel compared to the greenhouse as well.
Cheapest case, knock up a frame from 2x1 and use plastic sheets to build your own. Then if it is storm killed, it's not a big financial loss.
Grow Your Own / Re: tomato feed
« Last post by AnneB on Yesterday at 22:45 »
Comfrey tea.  If I run out of that I use seaweed feed, both seem to work well.
Pets without Feathers / Re: Bees and children
« Last post by grinling on Yesterday at 21:50 »
Might be worthwhile having a chat with the allotment council person.
The allotment I was on had 3 bee keepers. All requires 2 meter high fencing..debris netting was used and also public liability insurance. This may or may not be the rules.
We did have some swarm from time to time but the keepers retrieved them.
Teaching your child not to fear them is good and having a vacant plot covered in flowers would be brill.
Grow Your Own / Re: replace raspberries
« Last post by londongardener on Yesterday at 21:48 »
Sadly I don't have the space anywhere else.
Grow Your Own / Re: replace raspberries
« Last post by sarajane on Yesterday at 21:45 »
I,'ve just this afternoon planted new canes for the very same reason. Mine have been producing less for the last couple of years so I bought 6 each of Glen Ample, Joan J and Malling Minerva. Hopefully to get a supply from summer to the end of autumn.

Mine have gone into another area of ground to hopefully avoid any virus left in the earth.

I've laid cardboard I've been collecting between the canes and covered with bark chippings. This really helped keep the weeds at bay with the last raspberries and didn't stop them from spreading. Here's to lot's of jam in a couple of years.
Grow Your Own / Re: Thermometer
« Last post by JimB on Yesterday at 21:40 »
I have one of the "weather stations" which can be set to either "F" or "C" I keep the sender in the greenhouse and the station on the kitchen window.  It has dates time pressures etc, very informative!

Got it in Lidls 19.99 some time ago, but have seen them elsewhere about the same or cheaper priced also much dearer!

Centigrade is totally useless if you are a gardener, the Kelvin scale is as about as much use in my opinion!

Grow Your Own / Re: tomato feed
« Last post by JimB on Yesterday at 21:31 »

Hello Oldgunge,

Chempak was taken over some years ago by that almost unmentionable company T & M!

I used to be able to get it from our gardening club, but the cost went up and the supply disappeared so it no longer sold, worse luck!

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