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How to Post Pictures on the forums.

Author Topic: Posting pictures in a thread  (Read 52324 times)

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Posting pictures in a thread
« on: October 06, 2007, 16:16 »
Posting pictures in a thread

Posting pictures without using a picture hosting site

Since the forum upgrade, there is now no need to use an external host, such as "Photobucket". Pictures can be directly uploaded from your PC, Photo Albums on this site, the internet etc.

Please ensure that when doing so you are not infringing any copyright.

Before you can post pictures on the forums, they will need to be JPG, GIF or PNG format.

The photo that you intend to upload needs to be 1000 KB in file size, or less.  You can upload up to 4 pictures but their total size cannot exceed 3000 KB.  A picture size of 640 pixels as the larger dimension is suitable. One such re-sizing program can be found at: http://pixresizer.en.softonic.com - the system will automatically reduce the displayed image size but large images may be too big a file to upload.

The details of how to post follow, but please bear in mind that this method is different to the one used on the old style forums and the photos uploaded  will appear as click-able thumbnails at the end of your post. The wording of your post should reflect this. Once the viewer selects a thumbnail, they will be able to view a larger picture than previously possible.

Once your post has been composed to your satisfaction, having previewed it, look just below the message box, where you have typed it. You will see "Additional Options" Click on this.

You will now see 6 small boxes and below them the word "Attach" and a longer white box, with "Browse"to the right of it. Click on "Browse" and then navigate to your photo and click on its icon. This will select it. To attach further pictures, to a maximum of 4, click "more attachments" Once all pictures have been selected, click on "Post".

You will not be able to see your photos in "preview".

Posting pictures you have put on our "Gallery"

Pictures can also be loaded up to our Gallery link at the top of the screen below the main index.

You can then copy the IMG tag and paste it into your post.

Posting pictures using a picture hosting site

At present this is the only method you can use to post pictures from an i-phone or i-pad.

It is still possible to use an external host to post photos. This is the method:

Your picture needs to be hosted out on the Internet, many use Photobucket: http://photobucket.com/register.php

One of the default file size settings on "Photobucket" is 640 x 480 pixels. Please use this or smaller. A larger photo can cause display problems.

When you have uploaded your picture to "Photobucket", you should copy the IMG tag from under the picture.  This can be pasted directly into your posting.

Please contact a Moderator if you have any problems.

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Re: Posting pictures in a thread
« Reply #1 on: September 09, 2012, 18:36 »
Posting pictures using an IPad

One method is to use photobucket but, you will need to download the photobucket application for ipad from the app store.  This is free.  This app will synchronise with an existing photo bucket account, if you have one.

(One thing to note is, if uploading pictures from a mobile device, success is dependent on the strength of the reception)

Download and open photobucket and press the 'my albums' icon at the bottom of the page

To upload iPad pictures from its photo gallery to photo bucket

From the photo bucket 'my albums' page:
(1) press the arrow (top right hand side of screen) and a drop down menu appears
(2) select 'photo library' from this menu
(3) select 'saved photos' and thumbnails of your iPad's photo gallery will appear on the right of the screen
(4) click on the photo thumbnail you want to upload to photo bucket
(5) you'll see on the left of the screen a message that it is uploading.  When this is finished, press anywhere on the left of the screen and the ipad's photo thumbnails will disappear and the screen will now show only your photo bucket album

To upload from photo bucket to the forum:
(1) in your photo bucket album, press on the photo you want to upload to the forum
(2) your photo will now be showing in 'full screen' and there are 5 icons in the top right of the screen
(3) press the second icon (chain link) which will reveal a drop down menu

(4) press the 4th item on the menu that says [IMG]http:// etc ..
(5) the iPad will flash a message "IMG code copied to clipboard OK?'
(6) press OK
(7) open your message on the forum where you want to post your picture
(8:) press the iPad screen to reveal the text cursor and where you want to place your photo in the message box and 'paste' will appear.
(9) press 'paste' and [IMG] http:// etc will appear - this is your photo
(10) post your reply, and your photo should appear when you check

With many thanks to shoozie for help in providing these instructions. :)

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