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Grow Your Own / Re: Bare soil or cover?
« Last post by snowdrops on Today at 19:27 »
Iíve got packets of green manure seed but dare I confess  Iíve never used it, not sure why just never really know what &when & how
Grow Your Own / Re: Bare soil or cover?
« Last post by sunshineband on Today at 19:25 »
I probably didn't make it clear that like you, VP, a large number of beds are filled with Winter/Spring crops growing away. No empty plots here, you know!! We eat all year round
Chatting on the Plot / Re: What's for tea? 2017
« Last post by snowdrops on Today at 19:23 »
Cod in onion,tomato & pepper sauce, steamed carrots,cauliflower,peas, mash for him
Grow Your Own / Re: sowing autumn onion sets
« Last post by sunshineband on Today at 19:22 »
Just stick the sets in the ground and let them get on it with. Mine have been in a couple of weeks and have really healthy shoots on them, with no attention from me.

I don't believe in faffing about and having to plant them twice. They don't need molly-coddling and are designed to be planted outside. On top of that, I find the soil in October more conducive to planting, rather than try and do it in what could be sodden soil in the spring.

Aww yuss  :D Stick 'em in and let them get on with it, right now!!

I do also grow spring sets but the same principle, as who want to pot up 150+ sets and then plant them out as well  :wacko: :wacko:
Grow Your Own / Re: Bare soil or cover?
« Last post by victoria park on Today at 19:22 »
In reality, half my Winter plot is covered with kale, brussels, PSB, Japanese onions, garlic, standing parsnips, leeks in a good year, spinach, broad beans and various dormant perennial fruits and herbs. Winter isn't necessarily the empty plot some have.

The rest is a mixture of covered dug beds earmarked for particular crops, mulched with rotting crops, green manures, and standing seedless weeds that I assume also lock in the goodies just as efficiently as "non weeds". I keep trying to increase my green manured beds, but it's not easy, and rely on quick Summer buckwheats and the like. This year, probably only 50 square meters of a 400 square metre plot is green manured.
Chatting on the Plot / Re: Fishing Season 2017
« Last post by sunshineband on Today at 19:19 »
Oooh I really enjoy pheasant and pigeon, Gun is currently with my brother who has replaced the trigger spring and is now sorting the sights...rabbits are a-calling at the allotment site ☹☹

Pheasant shooting is big round here. Never eaten snipe or woodcock but they are quite small birds so probably wouldn't shoot them. Geese are good though.....
Chatting on the Plot / Re: gardeners world
« Last post by robinahood on Today at 19:18 »
This is true, but city dwellers can only dream!
By coincidence, I was wondering how I have so many adverts for lacy clothing? Dresses, blouses etc, not underwear, I say quickly!

What on earth have I searched for that led the site to think this is what I might want to buy??? Enviromesh, maybe......... The mind boggles 🤣🤣🤣

Grow Your Own / Re: Bare soil or cover?
« Last post by sunshineband on Today at 19:12 »
Just shows how if you ask a question you'll get several answers at odds with each other 😂

I cover empty beds with weighted down black plastic for three reasons, or is that four?

1. Protects the soil's surface against erosion and gives the worms extra shelter ... (if you have added leafmould or manure etc that is quite handy)
2. Reduces the amount of nutrients diluted by Winter rains
3. Stops the ground getting waterlogged
4. Warms the soil come the Spring, for sowing seed/planting out small plants

Works for me, but each to their own

Chatting on the Plot / Re: gardeners world
« Last post by Christine on Today at 19:01 »
Half an acre is a small garden to some (thinks back to the farm garden of her youth).
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